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Hello, darlings!

Zumio X review is one of those good toy reviews that I’ve been sitting on for a while. Love this toy to the moon and back so it’s fair to say it’s one of my favorites. Actually atm it’s my favorite that I reach for every time. I took my sweet time before writing this review to be absolutely sure what to say about this toy; there’s plenty of things to improve despite how amazing this toy already is.

This toy screams luxury from the first second you lay your eyes on the package until the moment you’re unpackaged entire beauty and get to hold the sleek design in your hand. Have to say tho expected it to be smaller. And more silent. Those said let us get into listing pros and cons, shall we?

Pros & cons:

+ Unique sensation!
+ Magnetic rechargeable
+ Waterproof
+ Rumbling pinpoint! This is rare delicacy. It’s more about the movement of the tip of the toy, but when pressure is added it’ll deliver deeper sensation that wouldn’t be possible without proper rumble.
+ Luxury toy and cost less than 100€! It used to be 120€.
+ It has a cap! I’ve broke one of my pinpoint vibrator before during traveling. Cap sure prevents that and this will never happen to my Zumio.
+ Travel lock
+ Easy to wash and maintain.
+ Circular rotation pattern

– It’s not very silent, but again none of powerful toys are.
– Package is upgraded to be more sleek and minimalistic, but it could be more minimalistic. 
– Battery is promised to last a loooong time. Lasts me few uses only.
– Purple, really? I’d love radiant color options. So tired of purple/ pink options. Black is classic, but purple and pink are just too tacky. Unless it’s your fav color.

In action

I’d absolutely say that Zumio is excellent for any kind of playtime. Solo, quicky, with a partner and even an excellent choice to be used with other toys. Cuz with bullets and using a dildo at the same time they do meet, bang against each other and it’s just a little disastrous. Every time I’m testing/ using any toy vaginally I’d reach for Zumio, cuz the sensation will be on point and the toy will be out of my way too.
Sadly my Zumio seems to have a faulty battery and doesn’t last me more than three sessions. We’re talking about quick sessions, so I’m absolutely disappointed. However, the product warranty covers this and I’ll receive a replacement within a few weeks. I Will update when I’ve confirmed that the battery lasts forever as promised.

Honestly, I don’t even bother putting my Zumio even away. It’s literally always standing at my bedside. It’s good enough to deliver an orgasm within a minute.

Pinpoint vibrator comparison

Ok so here’s few other pinpoint toys that I’ve tried by far to compare to My Zumio:

Honestly Leten vibrator was sheer disappointment and absolutely not worthy anyones money or time. I’d why people are raving about it and it’s so loved. Just don’t consider it. It’s lame buzzy, not even good buzzy.

Magical stimulator is good, or rather was good, until tried Zumio and has never reached for it again. It’s buzzy, not even a bit rumbly. But with lube you’ll get quite a satisfaction out of it. Compared to Leten it’s the king, but nothing compared to Zumio. But it’s Zumio on budget if you want to give a try to pinpointed toys to find out if it’s your cup of tea. Plus it comes with cool bunny and tentacle head attachments that each deliver entirely dif sensation. 

Pro tips:

  • Excellent gift! To yourself and anyone that you care about. It’s just too good to not be shared. And let’s be honest: it’s odd-looking enough to not reach for it if you don’t know about how magical it is.
  • Thanks to its cap it’s a safe traveling companion. Only missing a travel lock so it won’t turn on accidentally in your luggage.
  • Always wash/ wipe the toy after use. Preferably wash it.
  • Best for external use.
  • Don’t be afraid to explore with Zumio. Nipples and other sensitive areas would also enjoy Zumio touch. Personally, Zumio X is too intense for my other sensitive parts, so I will get back to you when Zumio S is reviewed.
  • I almost forgot: Lube! Works perfectly with or without it, but the sensation will be almost entirely different. Try it for yourself.

Alright, this was all for this review. Love my Zumio X but that battery life is bugging me big time.
This review was sponsored by me and my curious clit. I’ve been reading too much good about Zumio to not try it. S and E are next in line to be tried. You’ll be able to purchase Zumio X directly from their website from here or from Aphrodite.fi.

See you at next review.
Until then, bye! XOXO

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