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Hello there!

So I’ve taken it as my mission, in the name of science, to try as many wands as I can get my hands on. That is if they’re rechargeable. I can’t even express my frustration enough about how disappointing it is to find a toy, get all excited, and then at the end find out that it’s battery operated.
This one is very much different than most wands that I’ll review. Like the name quite straightforwardly implies it’s a basic wand + it’ll zap the living shit out of you. I’m sure the big idea was to make it a bit electric fun but just made me think of all those times when I got electrocuted as a kid. Not something you want to sort through while being in the mood/ middle of sexy time. I did a little research and came across Amazon reviews about the same experience. Laughed so hard at one particular one review saying that it felt like peeing on an electric fence. First of all, that sounded like more of an experience than just an allegory to me. Second, I have had similar experience IRL AND with the wand so let me tell you all about my magical electric experience:


As always, pros and cons:

+ ABS silicone head
+ The safety button between vibration and electro controller so you won’t accidentally zap yourself. 
+ Minimalistic package = minimum waste
+ VERY long cord
+ This is some serious electric toy

– Even the lowest mode is too much for me. I’m traumatized.. 
– Why is it so big?! I’m not fan of big toys and bullets are my favs (32cm)
– It’s also bit of heavy
– For a wand with cord, such a size and weight I actually wanted way much more power and more rumble. My Doxy 3 is almost half of its size and twice as good as this big guy.
– I can’t stress enough tensity of electric shock. It hurts!

The things I do for this blog:

When I was two or three years old we had a little garden at the backyard with a faucet and apparently electric cord in the ground somewhere was touching the pipe so every once in a while you got a Lil heart attack. Ofc the toy won’t give you a shock constantly and nor did that damn tap. Imagine how much more it hurts a kid. The worse part is it always got me. Just my luck so no grown-up believed me until one day my dad got electrocuted and all of a sudden my stories were taken seriously. Pipe got fixed within a week.
This fucker really brought those memories back like nothing else. And that was while trying the lowest electric setting on my arm. NO FREAKIN WAY it’ll go anywhere near my precious bits. In fact, while trying the wand out it was hard to enjoy it while fearing to zap myself tho knew well that it won’t happen accidentally.

But again it’s just me. If you like surprise pain, go for it. Don’t get me wrong. My dear hobby is aerial acrobatics and it always hurts. When it doesn’t hurt, it’ll give me burns over my skin. So it’ll eventually hurt + I have so many bruises that I look like my skin had polka dots all over. It doesn’t look as good as it sounds.


Pro tips:

  • This is NOT a good option for your first toy.
  • If you’re in BDSM, pain and so on this is the wand for you. Or if you’ve tried other electric toys, this is a good next level. Too powerful to start with as first electro sex toy.
  • Want to make sure you wouldn’t zap yourself accidentally? Cover the head with a condom. You won’t be able to get electrocuted then. Basic science, you’re welcomed.
  • With a condom covering the head of the wand, you can use whatever kind of lube that you like. Otherwise, water-based and oil only!

This post is sponsored by MEO and if you for some love forsaken reason want to feel the electricity more vividly, MEO had a special lube for that. You’ll find it on their website here.
I’ll be reviewing another electrifying toy later on, so stay tuned. Also from MEO. 

This is it for today and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s review! It’ll be… eggciting! *giggles*
See you tomorrow peeps! X

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