My most expensive disappointment yet


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Hello, darlings!

I can’t stall any longer this one. Womanizer Pro 500 has been my collections superstar and waiter for the right moment to review it. I think 10k review is a great time to celebrate that.

Honestly, I think I’ve ruined this toy for myself with too high expectations. I mean it’s a vibrator and it literally does its job. Yet I was disappointed to the point that I couldn’t get off. But like I’ve said before I’ll try my all to get off at least once with the same toy to give an as good review as I can. This gorgeous piece of work got multiple chances and every time it was a disappointment, even that ONE time that it managed to get me off.



So lets get into details and rest will follow afterwards:

+ Honestly I love how simple and minimalist the package is & only toy, charging cord and extra suction head.
+ Easy to turn on and off
+ Waiting was rewarded: design is quite elegant and chic
+ 12 modes and honestly it feel like never ending modes
+ Rechargeable
+ Suction silicone lights up green and the light is not like a freakin light house. I have quite few of those toys too and in the dark it just a bloody annoying!
+ VERY strong suction & it vibrates. See that is the revolutionary key mode that other sucking vibrators lack. They just suck. This one also vibrates and not buzzing kind.

– It’s over hyped. There is all kind of amazing vibrators and this is one of them, but it’s not out of this world. Again, it’s only a vibrator.
– It’s buzzing, not rumbling. This is a huge disappointment since it’s a luxury toy I’d expect whole lot more from it.
– Basically any toy can get me off, but not this one. Nor it’s successor Womanizer 2go.

I’m not impressed, not impressed at all. Womanizer, you need to upgrade your game!

All in all:

Honestly, despite my disappointment cuz of unrealistic expectations, there is no minus here. There is all kind of vulvas out there so not everything works for everyone, but this seems to work for most women. Men can use it on nipples at least.

It’s funny that despite it being the strongest sucking vibrator yet that I have in my collection, I needed vaginal stimulation too in order to get off. That was a new one for me. Even tried going in with 12th mode right away and nothing. It just numbed me out. This is the part cranky rage steps in and I demand an orgasm!
Finished off with sure bet: doxy wand. Cuz after getting numbed out as this barely anything helps. 

Pro tips:

  • It’s a bit hard to find THE spot, but be patient. It has to be on your clit exactly to work its magic. Be patient
  • Lover those expectations. It’s only a vibrator. It won’t do your dishes nor tell you how gorgeous you are inside out.
  • Get emotionally prepared for disappointment and especially that it might not work at the first try and not even the second time. It simply takes practice to get it on the right spot. Even if you know exactly where your clit is.
  • Use lube, it makes it so much easier.
  • Use it on nipples.
  • Give it a few tries. It’s funny to say to practice with vibrator but this one needs a bit of time and practice. Trust me.
  • I can’t stress it enough for being patient with this toy.
  • Terrible gift. It’s pretty, but you simply don’t know if it works for another party and it’s quite an expensive risk. 
  • Don’t think it’s worth the price, at all. Unless you have the most sensitive clit on the planet. But I guess you have to try it for yourself.
  • Absolutely NOT a good choice as a first love instrument. Get a bullet.


Ok, I’m out of sassy juice for today, but have a juicy review waiting for tomorrow! And that sounded all kind of dirty. It was not meant to be like that. The vibrator is clean, I swear!

Time to go.
Bye, until tomorrow! 

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