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Hello everyone!

I’ve wanted to review Womanizer products for a while now and well I have two to review and this is one of them. The first impression is a disappointment. 

Womanizer has been hyped for years and ofc I’ve been excited to get my hands on it too. Hands down spent most on these two products from this brand and couldn’t be more disappointed, especially with this one! Luckily I liked consistent vibration but regardless this just doesn’t do anything for me. I couldn’t get off with this one, but at least Womanizer Pro 500 managed to get me off. Not on its own tho; needed vaginal stimulation with it. Meaning it’s just too mild and this is coming from someone with sensitive clit. 


Ok trying to keep this professional:

+ It is kinda pretty, unlike most sucking vibrators
+ Package is quite minimalist
+ instructions, charging cord and backup silicone head
+ It’s kinda pretty?

– Sold my other kidney to get my hands on this..
– Only 6 modes. 6!! Levett bullet has 19 modes and is 1/4 of this things size!
– ..Can I get my kidney back now?

In action:

I’ve made it my mission to reach an orgasm with every toy at least once to have a proper opinion about it. This one…. I gave it one min and threw it aside. Yes, it was that awful. It was like having a clit sucked with a very VERY mild vibrator that is AROUND the clit so none of that sh*tty vibration even reaches the clit. It’s like being in the eye of a hurricane: everything is happening around you and from where you’re sitting everything is very calm, normal, and plain. At any other situation that would be more than great, but COME ON! You had ONE job: to make me cum and you failed so bad.


My thoughts:

Look at it being shaped like a cute little lipstick and you’d think it’s perfect travel companion and won’t raise any eyebrows at security check. Nope.
This thing is almost as big as my 50ml ANY perfume bottle. Not small, not lipstick like AT ALL and let me tell you if security gets interested in this thing, you won’t get out easy. It’d a giant lipstick look alike, clearly look alike, and dear god I hope they never ask anyone to turn it on… The sound only is a huge turn off and so loud that EVERYONE in line would get pretty clear image of what you little gadget is.

Before ordering it I thought cuz it’s so tiny it has only 6 freq, but after seeing actual size there’s no reason or excuse, shame on designer!! Shame.

Not that it doesn’t have proper suction like any other sucking toy/ womanizer pro, it just has a vague buzzing, vibration and suction is so weak that it reminds me of my childhood winter memories:
At winter/ autumn when you can hear that high pitched noice coming from window and you’ll start to look for that spot that lets the air out and once you do it’s randomly suck your fingertip in and keep playing like that for a while. Anyone else did that? Just me? Oh.
Anyhow the way it makes a noise it makes me want to just stick my finger in it to silent it up and STILL KEEPS GOING regardless. 

Pro tips:

  • Don’t waste your time nor your money on this. Unless Womanizer improved this, my travel companion (2go) is just gonna bring disappointment and rather travel with one of my bullets.

I want my time and money back and regret spending ANYTHING on this garbage. If you’re considering getting this for travels, don’t. Just don’t. Get any bullet and you’ll have better results.

One more thing:
Womanizer 2 go indeed, to go out of my life! Get out..

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I will see you tomorrow with a new review.

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