Let me hear you scream!


…from pleasure. 

It might sound funny but makes sense once you find a great vibrator that works with your anatomy AND is your kind of toy. Tickles the pickle just right. 

Speaking about pickles:
This post is for those who wish to find something that is right for them. There is so so many toys out there and some look like a freakin torture devices.
I’ll help both lady garden owners and garden hose owners to find something nice for themselves/ perhaps learn to know themselves better. However this post is specially for women, will make a post for men and couples separately.

First I need you to get to know yourself and your anatomy and find how do you orgasm? Via nipple, clit or G spot stimulation? There is ofc those who simply ever reach orgasm and those who are able to orgasm via nipple + g spot + clitoris stimulation. I like to call them unicorns. 


More you know:

Over half of women reach orgasm via clitoral stimulation. I’m one of them.

Some women are lucky to be able to orgasm via G spot only, but usually some kind of slit stimulation.

Some have sensitive nipples enough to be able to reach orgasm from just nipple stimulation. 

This is not that rare and yet possible as the unicorn:
Not all women reach climax at all. However it doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy entire process.

Do you know which one are you? Are you the unicorn? 


Best products for clitoral stimulation:

Best products for vulva, vaginal stimulation( G-spot & A-spot):

Best products for nipple stimulation:

Best products for all over body stimulation:

In the end:

At least for now those are what I’d recommend trying. In the end, it’s entirely up to you.
Remember to wash your toys BEFORE and AFTER use. That’s right. It wouldn’t hurt to wash your hands too.
Use that lube. Remember to add more during the use; unless it’s silicone it’ll get absorbed at some point. That’s why it’s important to remember to add more.

That’s my list of recommendations for all people with the vulva.
Enjoy your day and we’ll see each other at toy review soon. Until then, bye XOX

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