Hands down one of best wands yet!


Ditey rates both  4.8/5


Hello, darlings!

Hopefully, that headline gave you a good chuckle. Yes I know it’s written with ‘v’ but went with ‘w’ cuz they’re ‘wands’. 

These two wands are so similar that I decided to review them both at the same post, cuz why not? Black one is more powerful, yet I like the purple one better.

The only dif is the pattern, bit longer tip on the black wand and black wand vibrates with bigger waves, but is much stronger than the purple one. The purple one is one of my personal fav wands and is more silent and gives you that shivering good feeling with short wave vibration.

These wands are always my safe bet when something else fails to finish the job, these babies never fail to finish the job.

I have quite a collection of wands and there’s no end in sight. Gonna order more and more, cuz there are so many great ones and naturally, I’m gonna try as many as I can get my hands on. 


Now the plusses and minuses:

+ It has 10 frequency and 9 lvl of tensity per mode
+ Rechargeable and fast charge (lasts forever)
+ Very pleasant to touch
+ Affordable, paid around 15€ for mine
+ Charging hole is on other end of the wand so you can’t accidentally ruin your toy tho it’s splash proof.

– Took forever to arrive
– Some are sold without packages and some have a package but are entirely mashed up once they arrive. Where did they send the package to be sorted?! Zoo? Zoo.

All in all:

It’s quite a basic wand and absolutely perfect if you haven’t experienced wands yet and don’t want to invest in it. The purple one was my first wand and never regretted getting it. Travelled with it and all. This purple beauty became my trusted travel companion pretty fast. Even bf likes it and likes to use it together.

Have used these wands also for what they were originally made for: massaging my back/ shoulders etc. It does that job well too, specially the black one.

However, as powerful and awesome as I say this wand to be, it’s not rumbling. Meaning it won’t massage deep tissue, just the surface. Also meaning if you like to add some pressure while playing with the toy, it’ll numb you out (expectedly), but you can’t get off after that. If the toy was rumbling it’d get you off even then.

This is GREAT to use with a partner. Ladies, take a note. Also, men, buy this for your ladies and maybe surprise them. It’s small enough to fit between you while she’s riding your little mount Everest like there’s no tomorrow.


Pro tips:

  • As always, lube. It sure works perfectly fine with saliva or your own natural lubricant too, but lube makes it so much better since it’ll glide on your clit like there’s no actual friction. 
  • Great, I repeat: a GREAT gift. I’ve gifted this to my friends, my mom, and my aunt. They can use it however they like it.
  • Like mentioned before, great for travel.
  • Use it to get rid of muscle tension, give yourself a face massage, scalp massage, etc. 
  • Use this also to get rid of stomach aches. It’ll reduce 
  • Absolutely great for a toy collector and a beginner. A friendly reminder of how this was my second vibrator (bought it alongside Lumunu) and kept me perfectly satisfied for the entire year.

That was it for this wand. I bought both with my own coins, just in case you were wondering.

Purchase your own wand form here!
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Until then,
Bye babes XOX

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