Veryclean 2.0 Universal Cleaning Spray


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Hello, darlings!

First of all, I’d like to say BRAVO to whoever named this spray. Cleaning spray? Well yes. Very clean you say? Double yes! Very clean point two?! GIVE ME THAT!
I’ve haven’t the pleasure of trying the first very clean version, assuming there is one and it wasn’t just named 2.0 to confuse people to make it sound better. Cuz you don’t even need to try to make this better! It was love at first spray!
Now if you’re not a bit of cleaning freak like me this might just come off a bit of an extreme, but I’m kind of a person that keeps the house in tip-top shape like houses in magazines and everything has its own place.

Toys only come out to play, get washed, disinfected, and put away for the next playtime after each session. Usually, just use water and soap, but with body fluids, it’s not always so easy to get everything off, especially of soft silicone materials like magic tongue or artsy shaped ones like Gvibe mini. I don’t have time to wash them, dry them, and find missed spots. It’s my own body fluid but still disgusts me. Very clean is a game-changer: one or two sprays if you feel generous and wipe the toy off with a paper towel. Done. Good as new. Literally silicone looks as good as it did when took it out of the package. On the package, it says to spray it on your hands and use hands to rub it on the toy, but ooh laziness takes over sometimes. Especially if you just want to go to bed already!



About time to list pros and cons:

+ Love the bottle all in all
+ 200ml! YES! Now make it 1l please?
+ Even gets out stains off kitchen counter, but this stuff is way too good for kitchen counter.
+ It’s odorless despite fragrance label on bottle. My guess is to cancel out Castor oil stink. I added lime and flower for dash of color. Sorry not sorry! 
+ Also colorless
+ Compared to MANY brands this is so so cheap! Only 9,99€ for 200ml! And it’s on sale every once in a while so you have the opportunity to get it even cheaper.

– It cleaned my toys, kitchen but not my soul. It’s not that effective.
– GET ME MORE OF THIS! Make 150ml for travel size and gallon or two for refill, PLEASE! 
– I’d actually love some fresh smell or ANYTHING to it. I mean it’s very nice that nothing smells bad, but flower/ fresh smell is welcomed. Unless you’re allergic then this no smell or whatsoever is perfect for you!

All in all:

This is my first toy cleaner and before this, I kinda found it ridiculous to have a special spray for my toy. PAH! Ok, you’ll notice that magical ingredient in this spray is castor oil. It leaves your toys soft, matte, and feeling lavishing just like a new toy straight out of a box. Who doesn’t want that? Right?

Honestly, toy cleaners are not a ‘must-have’, I mean water and soap do the job too, but it saves time. But it’s just little something nice for yourself. If you have one toy only, just skip this item. You’ll survive without it.
Now for you my friend that owns a whole bunch of toys, this is useful. Especially if you have more than five toys to clean after each playtime. Sorry guys, you have to still WASH your fleshlight good old fashioned way, but this works for vibrators and anal toys. Wands too. You know what? I’ll test how well this helps to wipe off love lava and will change this if it works magic, but I doubt that.


Pro tips:

PHONES!! Got your attention, didn’t I? Wipe your phone with this entirely. It’ll be squeaky clean! I would not recommend using phones during playtime alone or with someone, cuz phones are disgustingly dirty. However, if you insist on touching your phone say for visual stimulation, clean it with Veryclean first just in case.
If you travel, just put bits of this in a tiny spray bottle and take it with you. You’ll thank me later after wiping half of your mess with this. 

I could just go on and on about how much I love this and give ideas about how to use it, but I think this covers it all on decent level. If you’re interested in cleaning your toys more than what I’ve talked about just send me an email and I’m sure I’d be more than happy to help you out. Still you have to wash it yourself tho! Just in case some started to get any ideas.

Tomorrow is a great day for a new review. 
See you, tomorrow babes! XOX

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