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Hello, Darlings!

SO EXCITED to review this lube. Yes, lube.

A few months ago contacted Karen Plomin about trying their so hyped lube and noticed that it’s sold out from most of the places and from Amazon too. They had it on their warehouse so she was kind enough to send me a sample for review. A sample is underrated. I have a bottle of 100ml, 50ml, 4x 30ml, and a whole bunch of tiny samples. Great for keeping them in the bag, especially in summer. 

My old readers have noticed that I should probably stop laughing at products in this niche. Laughed at this one too and thought it can’t be that good.
It is.

It can’t be worth all the hype.
Absolutely is!

I mean it’s lube! How revolutionary could it be? Should you have one job, right?


Well, lets break it down, shall we?

+ Simple and elegant. Luxury lube and looks like one.
+ Does it stand to the reputation? YES
+ It’ll last long in use (for what it’s meant to be used for)
+ Actually works great on shoes, I’ll explain soon.
+ No need to add more of this lube during use. You’d think silicone based lubes are supposed to last no matter what, nope. This one does tho.
+ Will last you forever so you’ll save a pretty penny.

– Did NOT work on hair. Thankyouverymuch.

My experience

Boyfriend had a blast watching me putting this stuff in my hair since it was on their website that it could be used for hair. Thought it’ll at least get bits of it absorbed. Nope. Nice greasy hair look, fastest way to achieve that fashionable hobo look.
In return, I had a blast watching him slip every once in a while and have his life flash before his eyes. Very runny lube so missed few drops and despite all the effort to wipe it off, it did not come off entirely.
Everyone that used this lube fell in love with it and want to get some for themselves.
Shoe shenanigan:
Them damn leather high heels or shoes in general that are either new or worn on a hot summer day. NOTHING protects me from blisters. Not even using special tapes and bandaids. This lube tho. There’s no friction, everything slides smoothly and without pain. (that’s what she said)
Now I have a bottle of this babe next to the door by shoe rack. Shoes, shoe brush, and lube. You know, the casualties.

Pro tips:

  • This is a must-have. Not kidding.
  • Ladies, get travel size and carry it in your purse. Mine travels with me constantly alongside my fav little bullet. Cuz you never know.
  • Makes a great gift. It’s love in the bottle. Here, have better sex. You’ll thank me later.
  • Wash it off with proper cleaning supplies if it drips on the floor. Jokes aside you could easily break your back or your skull.
  • That said I guess it’s perfect murder weapon too…


That’s it for lube. There’s only so much to say about it.
As mentioned in the beginning this post was sponsored by überlube, but you can always count on my honest review.
For curious ones, you can find the lube either from their direct website here or pretty much anywhere with a good lube supply.

That is for this review and see you guys at the next post!
Bye-bye  XOX

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