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Hello, darlings!

This review is brought to you by Sohimi in exchange for my honest review.

Honestly, there aren’t that many good tongues imitating vibrators out there. There’s plenty of tongue vibrators but most just are some horrendous experiments and disappointments. Probably the worse one by far that I’ve tried is surprise egg. It was supposed to have suction AND tongue action but all it delivered was numbing tongue action and was not even good enough to deliver an orgasm. Somehow it’s still one of the most sold toys online.

The second and the third tongue vibrator that I’ve tried are more meant for internal use and to hit your G-spot just right. And oh man they sure do hit the spots perfectly enough to drive you crazy. The magic tongue is undoubtedly a better one between these two.

The third vibrator that is actual competition is Fun Factory Volta. But we’ll get to them later. Let’s start with the listing, shall we?

Pros and cons

+ ABS silicone
+ Magnetic rechargeable
+ Very powerful for 25€
+ 10 vibration modes
+ Very minimalistic package
+ Gorgeous and non vibrator appearance
+ 100% waterproof (magnetic rechargeable toys always are tho it might not be mentioned separately)
+ Easy to clean
+ Big plus for not getting jammed when pressure is added. Tongue is able to keep flicking when a small pressure is added and if it was a utter cheap toy it’d stop flicking entirely from slightest pressure. 

– Could be more powerful and rumbly but again it’s only 25€
– 2 hours of charging for 1,5 hours of use? Not a fair deal. If it was the other way around tho that would work.

In action

We’re back at comparing Volta and this tongue toy. 
Volta is more rumbly and has two delicate tongues that flip like crazy. The motor is far from the tip and silicone tips don’t have any “bone” support and that’s why they’re able to flip freely. This tongue vibrator however is soft and squishy, but it has something inside it that keeps it sturdy, and even after adding pressure you can feel the tongue and not just soft silicone rumbling. That’s why these two toys are different in the end although tho the basic idea appears to be the same. This tongue vibrator is absolutely a good cheaper option tho to try out if this kind of vibrator is even your cup of tea.
I’ve developed a taste for rumbling toys, who wouldn’t? So I’d recommend toys based on how rumbly they are. Rumble of this thing is vague and that’s the only reason it’s not 5/5. BUT it’s 5/5 for something at this price range for sure! The orgasm that it delivers made me want to have a cigarette afterward and I’ve never even tried a puff in my life. So I’d absolutely recommend this toy.


Pro tips

  • Lube helps, as always. 
  • This is just an excellent gift. Inexpensive and beautiful. And who doesn’t like beautiful things?
  • Absolutely a great travel companion otherwise but doesn’t have a travel lock and tongue mechanism might get damaged so do yourself a favor and grab a bullet or a wand for traveling.
  • Always wash your toys after use and before first use after tacking it out of the package.

There’s actually three versions of this tongue vibrator with the same design: one is a tongue vibrator, the second one is brush-like/ wand vibrator and the third one is a suction vibrator. I can’t wait to try them all since the first one has been this impressive.

Like I mentioned earlier this product was sent to me from Sohimi and you can purchase this product either directly from their website here or from their Amazon shop here.

See you at the next review. Until then, bye! XOX


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