To start with this kit or not to?


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Hello, darlings!

So we got our first sex kit here for a review from Sinful and oh boy do I have much to say about it. A little bit ashamed of sitting on this post so long but needed to think about it properly what to say exactly and bring more than just my snobbish point of view to the table.  So get yourself a glass of wine/ popcorn bowl and sit down cuz I have a lot to say about this ‘kit’!

First of all why orange? Seeking attention much? And if you’re buying your FIRST toys ever I would try to make the experience bit more unique and memorable than this orange is a new black- kit. Box itself is nice matte and soft to touch tho, so at least there is something good going on with the package.


Pros and cons:

+ I love the silk paper that goods were wrapped in once you open the jail break box. Now that is first kit luxury that I was talking about!
+ There’s a literal manual that contains little fun fact and details about products. Impressive touch, specially for first timers very useful.
+ Penis ring and butt plugs are entirely medical grade silicone, but dildo is silicone coated. Good enough for first kits material.
+ Batteries come with the kit, awesome! Specially when you receive your package horny and are ready to put them toys to test.
+ Blindfold was adopted by my bf and is used regularly. Good item.
+ Handcuff is a real deal! Most impressive piece of this box to be honest and is made to last. I gave it hard time and put lot of pressure on it, but stayed snuggly on. This baby made it to my favorite items box, but rest of the box where rehoused.
+ Personally I love that the bullet is separate and you can use it alone, with penis ring or with butt plug.

– Batteries? Really? I actually made it my business to get in touch with factories that make sex toys and guess what? It’ll cost additional 1€ per toy to equip it with rechargeable battery. Just one Euro. But most retailers like to take the cheap way out.
– Orange is new black, I guess.
– Bullet died after turning it on after unpacking and never co operated after that. RIP bullet.

All in all:

Honestly I’m impressed how toys performed. Never understood what was all the fuzz with the straight vibrating dildos and now I do. They do work surprisingly well, so would absolutely advise to give it a chance tho it looks boring and like it’ll leave you hanging.
Have to admit that I’m torn between if it’s really worth a try as a first starter kit or not and decided to go with: yes it is.
Only if you haven’t tried any kind of sex toy before this toy is a cheap way into adult novelty realm and to find what kind of toy is your thing. There’s bit of something for men, women and light BDSM gear too. Why not? Considering there is some vibrators that cost over 200€ so 35€ for a starter kit that has so many items in it is absolutely a good bargain. It’s a yes to try Sinful Sex toy starter kit!

Kit came with bottle of Sinful own water-based lube and I’d like to review lube separately. You’ll be able to read it soon from here.

Pro tips:

  • Always use water-based lube with silicone toys, as Sinful has kindly shown you here and sent a lube bottle with the toys.
  • ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS wash new toys before use. Wash toys after use and restore in separate bags before next use.
  • Excellent gift to your partner to start experiencing new things together.
  • Add more lube, just in case.

This post was kindly sponsored by Sinful and you’ll be able to purchase it directly from their website here.
I hope you enjoyed my hardcore photoshop skills that I used to cut the mess out of the pictures.

That’s all for this review peeps and see you at next review tomorrow.
Until then,

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