To cup or no cup? That is the question..


Ditey rates 5/5


Let me guess, you’re thinking: Shakespeare? Really?
Hold on, I’ll explain!!

Hello, my darlings!

I’ve been meaning to make a period themed post for a while now so this is an as good time as any. Let’s start with the question: THE F* is that?! 
Menstrual cup.
Not everyone has heard about it so I’ll be giving you lots of lovely details, pros, and cons. Hoping to reach someone, who hasn’t tried these and lady, get yourself a cup! Just give it a try, that is all I ask.

Now, this is thick coming from someone who keeps a blog specially about love instruments, but I’m not a big fan of shoving things up my vagina. The idea of having a freakin cup was all kind of wrong. NO! Am I supposed to pull it out when it’s fully in cup shape? But… so many questions..


Hold on. Lets begins with simple pros and cons:

+ As always, ABS silicone. LADIES pay attention to your cup being A grade silicone!!!
+ Very cheap
+ Mother nature thanks you for not creating more pad and tampon waste & it’ll last you with proper care about 10y!
+ So very small and easy to keep always with you in just in case, specially while traveling.
+ Easy to clean
+ Very hygienic
+ Seriously cheap. Compared to what I used to pay each month for pads.
+ You can go swimming despite that little lady problem. Sharks won’t attack you.
+ Go to that party with no worry!

– You might forget about it for entire day. I mean 24h entire day. Cuz it’s THAT comfortable so I’d set an alarm to take it out, wash and clean it at least twice a day. Three times. Twice is too lazy, shame on me.

Ditey rates 10/5!!

Why no one told me about this before?!! My entire teen years were constant pain and struggle with periods for nothing and this option was there all along. Moment of silence for 15y old me and all those nice panties that got ruined.
Oh yes, did I mention that you can use this literally until there is no blood? No problem nor stress with either is it too soon to stop using tampons/ pads and all of a sudden your evil uterus gets the urge to remind you of its existence and disapproval of not having a baby. But why to take it on my fav panties?!
I was one of those poor unfortunate souls that bled for seven days straight like f* Niagara falls from hell. So many times woke up middle of the night to sudden WOOSH and just ran to the bathroom. Leaving a trail of murder behind me. It was my uterus trying to murder me. This cup would really have been nice then so I can sleep safe and sound without ruining my clothes, sheets, and sleep.


Pro tips:

The menstrual cup is very easy to clean. Take it out, wash it with soap and make sure you get everything off + check that tiny hole that it’s not plugged. It makes sure to create that vacuum that seals the cup and makes it stay at its place. If the cup spills, that might be your problem there.
It takes time to learn to use it right. Give it time. I’d advise practicing installing it right before you’re on your period and on the clock to insert it before sploosh!
Boil it. Simple, right? Water put the cup in it and boil it. Done. It’ll clear up and is disinfected just like that. Be careful not to pick it up right away even after emptying the water. That thing holds on to heat like bitches to gossips. I’ve burned myself too more than I care to admit.
Now the fact is that your cup will eventually start to get yellow. It’s just cuz of the blood. This is also easy to get rid of: put your cup in direct sunlight. You don’t need to keep it there 24/7 just a day would do and you’ll see the difference clearly.
Even if it spills, it’s nothing like.. well anything else. It’ll be just a tiny bit so you can wear that cute outfit of yours without worry. Put that skirt and a smile on and get out there!

Ok, that is for today folks. Just in case someone is on their period and cranky, here are some memes to cheer you up.
See you tomorrow! xoxo

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