The art of seduction



We all know one of those people that when they enter the room, everyone goes silent and turn their attention to them.
You might have all kinds of speculations and theories about why and I’m sure there are more angles to this than just this, but in this article, we’re gonna cover it from passion, seduction, and sex appeal.
But they’re born with it, right? Wrong. You can learn it. There’s a reason why some people grow up to be all the sudden so hot. It’s not the physical change, it’s how they carry themselves and the confidence that they learned.

We might have a long way to go but we’ll get you there and I’ll start by giving a bit of insight + some tips for shortcuts to a.k.a fake it until you make it.



What is sexy?

Guess what? There is no right or wrong answer. Yet all of them come back to the core: confidence. You can wear a garbage bag with heels like a boss and make it look like the latest fashion or you can wear that latest fashion with “I’m sorry that I exist” attitude and despite all the bling no one will notice you. It’s about how you carry yourself. What makes you feel comfortable in your skin and what represents YOU.
Personally I look like a walrus on the beach if I wear anything leather. Not my thing. But I’ll wear any kind of lace or stretching fabric like a boss.
You can wear the plainest outfit yet stand out cuz of your attitude and how you carry yourself. So don’t look up “what is sexy” and look within. What makes YOU feel comfortable and represents YOU?

You see my darlings, it all comes down to basic human psychology: the way you dress signals about your personality and sexuality. If you dress to impress, you’re most likely to attract the kind of people that are not even your kind of people and it’ll take all of your energy and time to try to act and be what they want you to be. That’s not a life.

If flipflops make you feel sexy then you go ahead and wear them like a boss! Maybe not to a wedding or other conservative events. Pretty sure they won’t let you into opera with flipflops no matter how hard you’ll explain about bringing in the sexy.


How about sex appeal?

Media oversells sex appeal. That is for sure. So forget about everything you’ve seen on media. None of that! No one walks into the room in slow motion or flips that hair as they do in movies and if they do no one goes “wow” more of “what the?” and you’re most likely hit someone with that flipping long hair so don’t overdo it. It’s about little things. How you walk, the way you look at people, etc.

This one took me years to crack. I had it all along but didn’t know nor how to use it. I like to think we all have all that we need within us. I just need to find it. Dig it up like an archeologist.

Are you ready to do some digging?


Devil is in the details:

  • Good posture! Makes you appear confident tho you might not feel like it
  • Looking into people’s eyes when talking to them. They’ll feel more connected to you and find you attractive. Don’t forget to blink or you’ll appear rather creepy!
  • Take care of yourself and your hygiene. Little things matter.
  • Wear red and own it! It’s a bold color so you need to be ready to take in all the attention and don’t get bothered by all the eyes on you.
  • Confidence. Plain confidence.
  • Smiling is very often viewed attractive in many ways

There are some examples to get you started. You get the idea. Could get the list to go on and on. It’s more about knowing what makes you attractive to others. The goal is not to seduce everyone, just your kind of people. That said be yourself and you’ll be fine. 


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