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Ditey rates 4,9/5

Hello, darlings!

To keep things fair, since the last review was for women (and one before that) I’m finally getting around to review Tenga cup, which is ofc made for male pleasure.
Took forever to get around reviewing this since I need a penis to be able to review this and sadly I lack a penis, but have my bf assisting me with that and took a while to get him around to try it. The first time was just plain awkward for him, but it grew on him fast. Especially since I used my pro lube knowledge and encouraged him to just use more lube for a more realistic sensation and let me tell you that it works!

Ok enough hyping before proper listing cons and pros and we’ll get back to how it performs IRL and how useful it really is if you’re in a relationship etc.


Pros and cons:

+ It’s easy and logical to put the suction cup pieces together, they fitted like a glove without a hassle.
+ Cups inside silicone is very soft and with generous amount of lube feels quite natural. Spend a good while fingering that cup for research so trust me on this one.
+ Cup silicone is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.
+ Hands down, it’s money well spent and only reason why it’s not 5/5 is cuz of their Flip Orb collection that just crushes this since it’s in same price range.
+ Love the release button that makes it possible to work the cup up and down. Nice attention to the detail, cuz without it it would be similar to using vacuum on your dick. Put it in and get stuck. 


– Did not notice it before accepting this for review that it’s battery operated and this is why I don’t support or review battery operating toys: damn battery is always empty and has to constantly be changed. Come on Tenga! You can do better and make it rechargeable!!
– After removing the the silicone inside the cup noticed it was wrapped in foam. Why? I mean silicone is heavy and would imagine it’s more expensive but this sure makes it look like you’re trying to save from materials. Good news is that it doesn’t have impact on your health. Just use your cup, wash it and stay happy!


Wish I had a penis

That’s right, I meant what I said. Sometimes I get way too curious about what it feels like to masturbate with a penis. We all wonder this about opposite sex at some point, but when reviewing toys this just keeps popping to mind. It’d sure make things easier and fasten things up.

As hard as it is to get decent feedback out of my bf after trying masturbation cups, other than “it was fin/good”, sometimes it is a relief to have help with review. Need them new words to describe things and it gets boring sometimes. So we spice things up sometimes by testing toys together. It’s fun actually! Bit odd at first but it has become more of a casualty and something to do. Bf ask casually if I have some toys that needs to be tested and knowing me he knows that I always have some things waiting to be tested and insulted/ endorsed.


Pro points:

  • Remove the silicone from the cup every time after use and clean it properly.
  • Use mild/ PD balanced soap to wash and rinse the silicone filling (turn the silicone inside out before washing).
  • This is important: After washing and drying the silicone use talc powder to maintain silicone consistency and renew it after each use like day one after purchase. This will help your cup to last longer and serve you more than it would without using talk. Atm, I don’t have talc product reviewed that could refer to, but will in future add a link here.
  • Since Valentine’s day is coming up, I’d highly recommend getting this for your bf. I’m that kind of odd person that would get this for my brother too. Cuz I love him and want what’s best for him.
  • This is not a good travel companion, cuz the suction mechanism is pretty heavy and makes entire toy kinda chunky. Instead would recommend traveling with Tenga Egg. It’s small, very light, and not meant to be used again and again so you can leave it behind before traveling back home.


Ok that’s enough about a cup.
This post was sponsored by MEO and you can purchase this product directly from their website from here or from Tenga official site here.

Hopefully, this review assisted you with your purchase and gave you some new ideas. See you at the next review!

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