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Hello, darlings!

Here we are again about to review yet another masturbation cup from Tenga and as usual, was not disappointed by the quality that is expected from Tenga. Personally am amazed by how the new flip orb series are much higher quality compared to flip zero series yet the products are sold under 100€, unlike flip zero series. One more reason to stick to Flip Orbs; quality and price.

The inevitable fact with masturbation cups is that once you stick your penis in them no matter how fancy pattern of this and that design it holds the sensation won’t be that different. Why? See even when I test them first once unpackaged them via fingertip it’s usually hard to tell the difference. Now to remember that fingertip has 17000 nerve ends and penis has 8000 believe me when I say you won’t feel the difference like day and night.

The difference between this Flip Orb black rush and Flip Orb orange rush is faint, but let us start counting them. Shall we?

Pros and cons

+ Can’t help but admire the sleek, simple and stylish style of the product. We keep my boyfriends both Orange rush and black rush on bedside table shamelessly.
+ Incredibly easy to clean Flip orbs in general due their ability to slip open from both sides like hippo mouth.
+ Love the minimum waste package style. Cuz the package and all the paper etc goes to waste within minutes after opening it anyway.
+ Inside of the masturbator (most important part) is ABS silicone. Outer shell PC / Elastomer
+ As always, thankful for lube samples that come with Tenga products.
+To my surprise after multiple uses and being washed silicone remains perfectly firm as when it was new. 
+ Reusable for a long time with proper care.

– On Tenga website they do keep insisting on how black rush feels more intense, it doesn’t. Only difference is outer shells color. 

In the action

My partner keeps telling me that with the proper amount of lube it almost feels like a real thing. I disagree; pretty sure my vagina doesn’t have orbs in it to caress his majesty. Sorry, not sorry.
Flip orb orange crush was one of the first toys meant for men that made my bf to try. Yes, I meant it when I said I made him try it. He didn’t want to and felt awkward doing so. But it was a love at the few dozen first strokes. Now he voluntarily reaches for it for some extra dose of pleasure while watching me testing some toys and to my surprise actually likes it enough to wash it right after and takes good care of it. Yay! He really does like it and recommends it to his friends too. Or I do while they both sit silently in awkward silence and he agreed with me.

I wish I had a penis to try this on my own but sadly it is what it is. I’m greedy enough to want to keep my vagina too.

Pro tips:

  • As always, use lube. With masturbation, cups use a generous amount of lube for extra slippery sensation.
  • Always, ALWAYS wash your sex toy no matter what kind right after use.
  • Masturbation cups need an extra step of care: renewing powder. It makes them feel like the first time after unpacking them. Not so sticky silicone, more of velvety. It’ll also make your cup last longer.
  • For more realistic feel use Tenga hole warmer to warm up your cup from inside a bit before use.
  • This is an excellent gift for yourself, a loved one, a family member, or a friend.
  • Easily travel companion due to its size, but it’s a bit heavy thnx to amount of silicone. Personally I’d recommend traveling with Tenga Eggs.

This is all for this review folks.

Tenga flip orb black rush was kindly sent to me by Tenga in exchange of an honest review. You’ll be able to purchase this product directly from their website here and sadly it’s only sold in Europe.

See you at next review,

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