Absolutely egg-static!


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Hello, darlings!

I’ve been sitting on this post like a chicken on her eggs.. *badum tsss*

For obvious reasons, I couldn’t test these eggs on my own and that’s why it took me a while to make this post. Also, have two other Tenga cups to compare to this and due to better quality they were under lots of inspection and these eggs got kinda forgotten. But here we are!

Sorry ladies, but this post is for penis owners. BUT if you know one and want to surprise them with something new, keep reading.


As always we should get into reviewing by listing cons and pros first:

+ Small, perfect companion for travel and doesn’t nag nor complain. No headaches either. But don’t expect kisses nor cuddles.
+ These things are always under 10€ and very cheap when at sale
+ It does look pretty innocent so you can keep it at disposal or hidden away.
+ There’s many lining to choose from.

– I have gel pads for ballet shoes that are exact same material. Same silicone, same texture and color.
– These are basically meant for one use. You can wash them and try again and in time you’ll notice what I mean.
– It takes LOTS of lube to make this slide and comfortably. If you use water based lube, you have to add it again and again. And again, just in case.

First things noticed about Tenga Egg in use:

It came with a little tube/ pillar inside it and once a cap is off you’ll notice it. There’s a little piece of paper + Egg lotion sample. You’re supposed to empty entire thing in the egg or it just won’t work.
Seeing how it resembles my gel shoe paddings and in time my toes will poke holes through them and you’ll use this once and you’ll have almost a hole at the top. It’s literally one use away from being a Tenga tube and not an egg anymore. But again what did you expect for the retail price of 9€?


Pro tips:

It makes a great gift!
Perfect for travel since it’s so light, doesn’t take much space nor look suspicious in any way. Besides it’s useless after few uses anyway so you can toss it before heading back home. Remember to recycle it tho! Or karma will f* you back.
I’d use an oil-based lube with this. Water-based lube gets absorbed too fast for this to work and it’s a silicone toy, so NO SILICONE LUBE!
Maybe invest in a better Tenga cup? They’re really worth it.

There’ll be further review of Tenga products. Tenga Vacuum cup and Tenga Flip Orb are next. These eggs were a poor man’s choice compared to them. Due to lack of willy used my finger to test that theory and it’s absolutely right. If I had a johnson would like something with better quality to be wrapped around it. The egg does the job, but Tenga cups well lubricated and warmed upstart to feel like the real thing. So I hear. My finger couldn’t comment on that.

This post is Sponsored by MEO and you can find this product on their website here.

That’s it for today and will see you tomorrow with a new review and bucket full of sass. Bye XOX


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