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Ditey rates 2,5/5


Hello, darlings!

I have to apologize for the big gap between reviews. Flu got best of me and in Finland, one does not beat flu, flu beats you. Beats the living shit out of you. The third week of coexisting with this virus.

Now back to the sexy business, shall we?

Must say that sex hasn’t been even close to being on my list. Not even speaking of being on top of the list. But I’ve still been dreaming of new sex toys and cooperations. Yes, I’m that committed to the cause.

Now back to the Tenga cups these ones are quite similar to their Soft tube edition yet something between soft tubes and vacuum control cups. Very soft regardless.


Pros and cons:

+ Very affordable
+ Three different sensation (gentle, regular and strong)
+ Reusable
+ Easy to wash and maintain clean after use

– Little bit too soft for my taste (said my bf, not me)

All in all

If I recall correctly boyfriends’ exact words were ‘it feels like rotten paprika’. Charming. 
From inside it feels like using cotton to walk your unicorn. And there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s just not sensitive enough to need this gentle masturbation cup. A strong cup, naturally, was the one that he liked the most. That said I’d rather say this cup suits best someone with a very sensitive willy.
Personally mine and my boyfriend’s favorite masturbation cup remains Tenga Flip Orb.


Pro tips:

  • Remove the silicone from inside when decide to clean the cup
  • Use talcum powder to restore the brand new feeling and stop silicone feeling like sticky.
  • Excellent gift for someone that travels a lot
  • That said also excellent for traveling since it’s reusable but doesn’t have endless uses so it can be left behind.

This review was sponsored by Tenga in exchange for my honest opinion. They got honest alright.
You’ll find air-tech cups directly from their website:
Air Tech squeeze gentle
AirTech squeeze regular
Air Tech squeeze strong


That is it for this review. See you soon at the next post.
Until then,
tataaa! XOX

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