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Hello darlings!

Sorry guys, but this lube is specially designed for females to relieve vaginal dryness etc that some of lubes causes women. Most of guy can use any lube without problem. But personally for me silicone based lubes dry me out which causes other problems afterwards. So little pleasure compared to so much pain afterwards, not worth it, huh?

Lets start with basics: Agapé is pronounced ah-gah-pay and is designed to mimic woman’s natural lubrication. That was also my first impression after testing it on my finger and genitalia. Doesn’t feel like you’re using “something extra” and let me say that is not the case with most lubes. So this lube already deserves some attention, tho this quality is most likely to be found among water based lubricant. Moving on.. 

Formula is very smooth and silky like, not very different from your own natural lady glide.

Ok there’s already too much for the beginning so let’s get down to business and I’ll tell you the rest later on:


Pros and cons:

  • loving the package, so elegant and ladylike. Doesn’t strike me as a lube bottle.
  • Pricing is amazing for such a luxurious product!
  • Doesn’t stain the sheets, hurray!
  • Washes off easily with rinsing with water
  • Doesn’t absorb easily and right away so you don’t need to use the entire bottle at one go.

  • I wish it came in bigger bottles than 30ml or refill bags. When I love a lube, I want lots of it and not only a sample like bottle.

All in all:

Excellent performance and endurance even for longer play time. Solo and with company. I’m simply impressed.

As always, there isn’t that much to say about a lube so this already has been a lot of fuss about a water based lube. But this lube is simply amazing enough to make it to my favorite toy box since it has no glycerin nor parabens in it yet it performs so well! Most water based lubes will absorb very soon after applying but not this baby. As a novelty snob, I’m very much pleased and will be purchasing this again and again.


Pro tips:

  • Use lube while playing solo or with a partner. This one works perfectly even for oral play if you’re not a big fan of any kind of taste or flavor.
  • Your toys will love this lube as much as you do (always use water-based lubes with toys)
  • An amazing gift to a lady friend or yourself!


This was pretty much all of it for this review and will see you soon at the next post.

This post wasn’t sponsored by the company. My fancy-ass got curious.
You’ll be able to purchase it directly from System Jo website here or from Amazon from here.

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