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Hello peeps! 

Happy Easter and I’ve been holding on to this post for easter, so hopefully, you’re as excited to read this as I am to finally publish it.

I’ve had my eye on this cutie for a while now and there are SO MANY different versions of it. Some are apples, chicks, eggs, octopuses, fishes, and so on. Design is a bit unique, but they all have similar functionality: little tickling tongue inside. 

Before we get into it let me tell you that this little thing causes big opinions divided in two section; either you’ll love it, or you’ll hate it.



But first, let us get into why to love or hate this thing:

+  Ok ok I’ll admit that it’s cute!
+ ABS silicone 
+ Magnetic rechargeable 
+ It’s seriously adorably small and very innocent. I’ve had it sitting on my table, bed table etc. 
+ Shape makes it easy to hold on to it during action and I’ve found myself playing with it with cap on it just turn it around and around. I suppose it serves as some sort of stress reliever too, beside obv stress relief method 😉

– 7 freq. my ass! Mine has only 2, or those only work. 
– It seriously is very child toy like, not high end stuff like I like.
– Tongue part gets stuck if you push it too hard, oh yes. It has mild suction, but you’ll easily either hold it too mildly and it barely touches THE spot cuz you wouldn’t want it to get stuck. Oh also the head is shaped funny so you can reach the clit easily holding it one way and other way tongue would be just hovering over the clit fanning it like a queen that it is. 

All in all:

Personally I love small toys. Especially if they’re mighty despite being so small. I wouldn’t say this one is mighty. It’s only cute. Nice try- cute.
It’ll mostly either get you numb or frustrated. But managed to get one tiny ticklish orgasm. It kinda reminded me of my teen years/ first years of learning to play with my bean. I got off, but it wasn’t anything impressive. This was exactly it. It’ll get you there eventually, but why bother since there are so many options. Tho I think this would be a GREAT first vibrator for a teen tho. Their lady bits are so much more sensitive and they don’t need a big ass realistic dildo that swirls around like anaconda. 

Pro tips:

  • Use some cream, gel, spray that makes your lady bits more sensitive for maximum sensation.
  • Be patient with it.
  • Maybe use some other toy for more stimulation and intense orgasm, like a glass dildo!
  • Do not use more than 20€ on this thing.


Ok folks, this is it for this review. I still owe you two more posts for this week, so stay tuned.
Bye, until next time! 

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