Solemeo (lava lube)


Ditey rates 4.5/5


Hello, darlings!

We are gathered here today to judge yet another lube and this is only the beginning of the lube judgment- journey. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the blog or you’ve been following me for a while now. The first thing that you’ll notice is that I have quite a  collection of toys that have reviewed and hidden stash of ‘to be reviewed’. Most are silicone toys, so naturally, I’ll be rather choosing water-based lubes. Just that you know. In case you prefer silicone-based better tho not sure why would anyone prefer them since there are tons of interesting side problems with them tho they are way much more slippery. I’ll be making a post about silicone and water-based lubes differences.



But first, let me take selfie with the lube. Now the judgement:

+ Smooth and pleasant consistency and bit runnier than Aquameo and and not see through, bit of foggy
+ nice sensation even on nips
+ Not messy and won’t leave a stain on sheets etc.
+ Unscented and flavorless. Yes I tasted it. Things I do for this blog. Eat lube casually and spread some on sheets. If you listen hard enough you can hear parents being very proud of their princess. Not.

– Only 100ml! This is ok sized bottle to try the product for the first time as a sample. Otherwise would like a gallon or two to be available for purchase. Please.
– DO NOT use it vaginally. My god it burns. Gonna skip that anal experience. I’d expect it to burn that bum hole like you’ve had too much chili last night while yelling “YOLO!” and now paying the price.

All in all:

As much as I love writing a review as detailed as possible, it’s only a lube. There is not much to go on about. Lube, use it. You’ll thank me later.
Personally, this is nowhere near my top 10 list, tho haven’t even tried 10 dif lubes in my life. I suppose I didn’t like it, but it performed ok. Did the jo. Now it’s reviewed and can be done with this lube from hell. *hot lube pun*

I have heard about people who love the hot lube to the moon and back. I’m just not one of them.


Pro tips:

It’s lube. Just use it, but be careful to use it rather for outside stimulation tho it is safe to use anally and vaginally. Let me know how do you like it.

Until the next review,
adios! xoxo

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UPDATE! (rare delicacy)

So.. here I was living in an illusion that it wasn’t just good lube to be used vaginally. Maybe slightly around the vulva (outer labia only) or it would be better for male use since. Nope. Let me tell you how applying this product feels in details:
Ok, I don’t feel anything yet.
Oh, there it is. Nice and warm. Oh getting warmer? Still nice, yes still nice. That wasn’t it huh? Ok. How bad could it get? It said warming lube. IT LIED! It should be named fucking lava lube! It burns like looking directly at the sun. To the point, you’re purely in utter pain and have to rush to bathroom and rinse it off. IT’S STILL BURNING!!! GO BACK!
So it’ll end up with a bit of tears of regret and the sexy mood is so gone that it won’t be coming back for weeks.
Honestly, I don’t recommend this product to anyone that is not into pain. I do like pain, but I also am very sensitive so I need to be able to control the pain as soon as I choose so and this lube is not that kind of pain provider.
For the love of god don’t purchase this as your first lube. You’ll just end up needing therapy.
Touch of warmth my ass. You’ll be able to practice how it’ll feel like being in hell using this product.

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