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Hello darlings!

I was quite excited to get my own Sili Saddle to try and experience with. Tho it isn’t exactly a toy and more of an accessory it’s one hell of a tool for bunch of things. Small and very useful. Mine travels with me every time I’m traveling simply cuz if you’ll think bit out of a box it’s very useful.
Took me a while to get to know this little thing. It looks quite simple and seems to have very few uses, obv ones that it was designed for. Wanted to take my time to think outside the box and I think finally got my list ready so put your seatbelts on!


Yes or no?

+ Got to love color choices! So vivid and lively! Ombre is just more gorgeous than single colored.
+ Love the shape! So simple and I think most would find it perfectly fitting.
+ ABS silicone
+ Dishwasher safe


– I’d like to have size choices. Cuz for me this one is bit too big and I think we can all agree on that there is wide size range out there so atleast 2-3 size choices would be nice.

All in all:

It’s specially made for softening “the blow” from using harnesses and protect yours from pubic bruising. Fair enough, excellent idea, but it’s far more useful than that:
Maybe you don’t want to put a strong vibrator straight against your vulva. Reasons can be many such as sensitivity. This is great for that; to be that something between you and your fav wand.


Pro tips:

  • Fits perfectly in palm and since silicone doesn’t slide without lube, use it to hold them tiny toys such as Dame Eva 2 or a bullet in place. My Eva won’t stay on its own so I use sili saddle to hold it in place. Otherwise, it’s hard to hold on to that little hopper during the action, especially if there’s lube involved. 
  • I used to mostly stand on bike cuz sometimes it just hurt too much. Tried gel paddings for bike stool but nothing helped. My poor vulva took every blow like a champ and was always sore at the end of the day. You can wear this baby before your first layer of clothing and just like that, your vulva won’t be taking any blows.
  • You know them painful shorts experience where you don’t know how to sit or be so the seam won’t split your vulva in half. Mainly this can be used to avoid the pain that it causes. Also to avoid the camel toe.
  • Maybe a bit awkward gift, tho it is very pretty. Perhaps to a good friend with a note of what it is.
  • Excellent to be used to stop the water in the sink after playtime or while traveling.
  • I think there are enough points given above why it’d be a great travel company.
  • Add a bit of lube on it when using it with a harness so it’s slide nicely while using the harness and give you a little bit of extra stimulation.

This was it for this review!
Honestly, I think this is a great item to have in your toy box. Toy collector or not. I’ll certainly keep mine in reach.

This post was sponsored by Sili Saddle. 

See you soon at the next review!
Until then,
bye! XOX


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