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Ditey rates 2/5

Hello, darlings!

Today’s review is about yet another toy that I’ve been curious about ever since started blogging and was naturally expecting a lot from it. It looks cute and is duo functional so I was again naturally expecting much from it. Probably read some reviews and most likely imagined most of it but this toy was nothing like I expected it to be.

The dual-motor is always promising and full of potential but this a great example of that it doesn’t automatically promise amazing results. It retails for 40USD and wouldn’t recommend it. That said let us get into details about the toy and why it scored so low:

Pros & cons:

+ Baby blue is a refreshing color choice
+ Love the shape of the toy, beside being cute that tail curve hits the G-spot just right
+ Minimum waste package
+ Rechargeable
+ Smartphone control (this is a rare delicacy)

– This thing has an air hole on it and is not water proof? what!
– Under 40min use for 2h charging time? Get out of here.
– Numbing suction
– Very buzzy, zero rumble

In action

Tried the suction head several times and result is always the same regardless of what mood I’m in and if I’ve used it with stimulating gel or not: it’ll numb you out within minutes. It’s like putting mini vacuum against your clit. I don’t see how this was ever designed to deliver pleasure. That’s not how it works at all!
What disappoints the most is that I was expecting it to have some vibration with suction like every suction functioning toy has had, but nothing. mini vacuum for maximum numbing effect.

The tail motor is buzzy and you’d think to turn both motors at the same time would bring some vibration to suction but it doesn’t. It’ll give your hand a buzzy massage at the same time tho while numbing you out. However, the shape of the tail itself is quite pleasant and hits G-spot well. Buzzy vibration does nothing. Tail shape saved the toy from being rated 1/5 to even 2/5. Would I recommend spending on this toy? Absolutely not.

Pro tips

Gonna skip all the proper tips and tell you to skip on this toy. It looks cute and promising but it’s not worth anyone’s time nor money. Sometimes toys are just a flop and this is one of them. Luckily there are plenty of toys to choose from and this is why I’m doing this so you can avoid useless toys like this.

Here are some good suction toys that I’d recommend:
Lelo – Sona Cruise 2
Hands-free dual action
Satisfyer Pro 2 (review is coming)

Thank you for reading and this is all for this review.
This review was sponsored by bestvibe and you can find their product directly from their website here.
See you all at the next review.

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