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Hello, darlings!

Welcome back after Easter. I hope you had lots of fun and rest. 
I’ve been sitting on this one for a while too, cuz it’s so unique! So beautiful design and as some of you guessed yes it’s a dual vibrator. It’s a basic vibrator with a handy curve that will hit the G-spot yet serve as a great handle while using wand head. Dual motor and both are very powerful. All in all amazing products and can’t wait to have your opinion on it.


Let me tell you why I loved it:

+ Gorgeous design and practical design too
+ ABS silicone
+ Rechargeable
+ Dual motor and each turns on separately
+ Strong vibration + 10 freq. for each head
+ 10/10 could keep it on desk without a shame
+ Multipurpose serving gadget. Neck pain, back etc.
+ Waterproof (great feature for wands!)
+ I don’t now why, but I love that little silver “neckline” that it has. It draws a clear line between two vibrators and looks like a necklace to me. Love the design.

– It is bit of heavy for vibrator, but again all the great wands tend to be chunky, big and heavy. This one is beautifully designed, but not very handy sized and bit heavy. Personally I don’t have a problem with the weight, but lets say if you have worn out wrists and try to use it for back/ neck pain it’ll get very heavy soon. Maybe it won’t make such a good back massager for aged people. But there is tons of options and I’ve made it my mission to get to know as many wands as I can. 
 Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t weight even half a kilo. I’m just used to light toys that is easy to swirl around for ages and weight is not on list of problems.

All in all:

Wands kinda serve me as my safe bet to go to when some toy fails me and gets me frustrated and numb so I can’t get off anymore. The wand will always get you to finish line. I’d say everyone should own a wand and a bullet. Every self-respecting woman should and men should own a wand too. It seriously works for men too and everyone has an aching neck at some point.


Pro tips:

  • Get yourself one of these. No matter what gender you are. This one is work of art and that ball head especially works great for pain relief.
  • I’d proudly travel with this.
  • Use some lube before introducing it to your clit. It’ll make the whole process so much easier. And with silicone ALWAYS use natural lube, not silicone-based lube.
  • Absolutely perfect gift
  • It’s great for beginners collection since it’s dual motored and you can use the shaft as dildo and head as a wand.
  • Personally don’t find it extraordinary for a toy collector. It’s not as powerful compared to wands that have a cord, but for a cordless wand, it’s excellent.


Now go on and get off, enjoy yourself.
This was sponsored by me and myself.

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See you tomorrow with a new post,
Bye until then

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