Heavenly tongue vibrator


Ditey rates 3.8/5


Yet another pink dildo, how original and rare..

Hello, dears!
This product review is gonna be rather short, cuz pictures say it all.

Wouldn’t name this thing tongue toy tho it was originally indicated, cuz tip moved a bit yet, but not very tongue like otherwise. Ofc being pink and the shape reminds very much of a tongue, but I’m still not convinced.

I’d invest money in this. Paid about 35€ and it truly is worth money; it hits THE spot and will drive you crazy in no time. Good kind of crazy, crazy of lust! 

This is not perhaps kind of a toy that I’d recommend to get as your first toy, but it’d be great second. That is if you like insertable toys. I prefer clit stimulation over anything, so does about 70% of women. BUT try this AND clit stimulation and you’ll reach most intense climax, I can promise you that.



Like I said, this list is gonna be short; you can see product information right below headline:

+ Will give you mind blowing orgasm
+ As always ABS silicone and very soft material
+ Impressive lasting battery
+ Rechargeable
+ Visually pleasing

– I would like it to be bit more powerful honestly. It could rotate bit more in bigger circle. But again there is so many toys, that I’ll find that perfect one and let you know.

All in all:

Have to say, tho was expecting much more from this it still did pretty well. Personally I’m not a big fan of dildos in general and even less fan of vibrators, but this one was great despite the high expectation for it.

Fan or not, it sure hits G-spot and pretty sure also A-spot that makes it the reason why likes it so much. Now just add clit stimulation and you’ll be in utopia at least for a while.

It’ll offer men great G-spot stimulation too but would rather recommend using it with someone than going solo. Cuz of its smooth design you might lose it. Someone needs to be in control of it.

Pro tips:

  • Lube! Water-based.
  • Use it with your partner. It sure is absolutely perfect for that. The right amount of stimulation.
  • Not very good for traveling nor companying you to shower, but fun little thing for jazzing things up for a change.
  • It’ll make an ok gift, but there are better dildos to be gifted. 
  • It’s a great dildo. Long enough and not too wide. That is if you like petite toys. If not, a bad dragon might be more your cup of tea.


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Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow with a new review.
Ta taa! 

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