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Hello darlings!

Yay for yet another wand! I’m obsessed with wands. They’re seriously most handy toys and not for private play times, but for tummy ache or muscle ache too. Look at this cute little guy! I’d totally take it with me to travel and see the world. Let me shoows you the woooorld..


Lucky for you, this little thing brought up many opinions. Let’s review them, shall we?

+ My fav: magnetic rechargeable
+ ABS silicone
+ 100% waterproof
+ 9 vibration modes
+ Design is beautiful and you can leave it on a table. 
+ Bottom of it lids up when turned on and changes color based on each mode. 9 dif colors! It’s pretty, take my word for it.
+ Turning it on just to see it was not impressive. Felt like it has only one motor. I’m not sure if it has two, it’s not mentioned so most likely it’s just one, but it’s so powerful that changes my mind from “I don’t like it” to this.
+ That tiny bow tie is killing me! So cute!!

– As always, would like the magnet to be stronger. Easier to charge and keep the charging cord on.
– Stop making it so cute! I feel bad for poor thing. I mean I love animals and would loove for them to love me back, but not like this! Gee..

All in all I’d actually recommend this teddy. 

To buy or not to buy:

I’ve been thinking of it depends of your toy collection if you’d like what I like/ find these reviews helpful. Let me explain:
If you have one toy or only few, you’ll get eventually used to them and learn to work with them. If we’re genetically coded to like another human after reaching orgasm then you can be sure you’ll love the living shit out of your toy for helping you to reach the big O. 
Before starting this blog I had few toys and liked most of them equally. More of just picking one each time by random and it doesn’t matter which one gets the privilege to assist me. 
So from now on I’ll include that too that if you have a large collection then this is not that special to have. But for small collection it’s an absolute yes! Specially great to be ones first toy.

No pro tips this time babes, sorry. It’s not rocket science. You’ll figure it out for sure.

It’s so late and I’m just hanging on to finish the review. My job is done for today. Until tomorrow,

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