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Alright, people, let’s talk about sex! Ok not so much about sex and more of about protection that is a big part of the entire picture.
It’s safe to say that if you don’t know how to protect yourself properly you shouldn’t be having sex. Not only for your own sake, for other parties’ sake too. This is a large subject to cover so we’re gonna do it in sections. This time will cover only oral sex and why it’s important to use protection during oral sex.

Sadly it has been brought to my attention that people have a very, VERY, very poor idea of protection and how it works.
At first thought, it was a joke. This is the part where it gets scary: it was not. People are clueless.
You’d think ok maybe at places that are very religious or have poor life quality this would be the case and not that common say in Finland where education is so good that people from around the world come to take notes from our education style.

Here’s some fav lines that I’ve come across:

  1. You’re on birth control pills, no need to use condoms.
    NO! God no!!! It doesn’t work like that at all!
  2. Trust me, baby, I’m clean.
    Yes, my trust and faith will protect me against STD and HIV. Not!
  3. You can’t get diseases from oral.
    SUPRISE MF! Yes, you can and transfer it orally to another genital too.
  4. (Gay couple) He doesn’t need to use protection when he’s on top, but when I’m on top I always use condoms.
    How… what?! This one is my fav. How is his penis that dif from yours and he was in you already! You took the risk ALREADY!
  5. While trying to roll down the condom on from the wrong side. Flips it around and continues to roll it down.
    AW HELL NO! It lost its purpose already! Open a new one!
  6. No need for protection when giving a head to a guy.
    Yes, you do, condoms.
  7. No need for protection while going down on her.
    Yes, you do: dental dams/ Condom cut open.

While we’re at listing, let me list you diseases that transfer orally:

  • Herpes
  • Streptococcus (You can get it from just kidding another person)
  • Chlamydia
  • Genitalia/ rectum/ urinary tract/ throat infection
  • Hepatitis A (anal oral)
  • Shigellosis (anal oral)
  • Amebiasis/ other parasites (anal oral)
  • If you’re already suffering from an infection for example throat infection, the risk of getting HIV is much higher.
  • Gonorrhea
  • Mouth and throat infections by certain types of HPV may develop into oral or neck cancer.
  • STD (you can get it from pre-ejaculation or ejaculation in mouth)

WHAT?! What can I DO?!

It’s not as bad as it sounds. You just need to use that protection and you’re good to go.

For oral sex on the penis:

  • Cover the penis with a non-lubricated latex condom.
  • Use plastic (polyurethane) condoms if you or your partner is allergic to latex.

For oral sex on the penis:

  • For oral sex on the vagina or anus:
  • Use a dental dam.
    Cut open a condom to make a square, and put it between the mouth and the partner’s vagina or anus.

If you have any kind of sexual activity there is a chance you’ll get some sort of STD, but chances are VERY low if you use protection and use it right.
The last-mentioned part is most important.

Cheer up chap! Here are some gifs to help with that.
Use protection AND get tested regularly and you’ll be fine.

All you need is condoms, dental dams, and trust in your partner. DO NOT trust people blindly. Listen to your gut feeling.

I’m not a doctor and this info is not absolute. However have done my homework and tried to write according to medical studies as possible. For more info, you should turn to a professional!

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