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Hello, darlings!

Every time reviewing a lube I’ll start by saying that I’ll keep it short since there isn’t much to say about lubes but as it turned out there’s plenty to say about a bottle of lube. So buckle up!

This one is a good one, but in the future, I’ll also test lubes PH balance to know exactly is it safe to be used vaginally or anally, especially vaginally without causing infection, etc. There have been few lubes that caused a couple of days of uncomfortable feeling after using it vaginally. At this point, I like to think men are lucky to not get genitalia infections as easily as women. Ok, now we’re getting too far away from the point so back to the sinful lube!

Pros and cons:

+ Water based and non sticky
+ Doesn’t get absorbed fast so you don’t need to use entire bottle at one go
+ Doesn’t stain sheets/ fabrics (yes I actually smear it over dif fabrics)
+ Very reasonable price
+ Doesn’t contain parabens.
+ You can easily just wipe it off with tissue. All gone from skin just like that. AMAZIIIING!

– It’s very runny so be careful to not waste it and get it everywhere but where it’s supposed to be.

In my use:

Actually it has been living beside my bed for quite a while now and since I prefer bullets don’t need more than a drop of two of this lube. It has lasted me for months now and still, plenty left. One could say it’s one of my fav water-based lubes beside Aquameo from MEO and Agapé from System Jo.
All of the lubes mentioned above is the kind of quality that I’d recommend for anyone and as a gift too. Yes, I’m that kind of person that would gift toys and lubes thinking of my friends and family members health in mind. I have been supplying my parents with powerful wands for their muscles.

Did you know there’s lube powder that you can add water to yourself? This is excellent for someone that travels much. You don’t need to carry liquid around with you. Just add water, let it sit for an hour and enjoy! I’ll write my review about a powder lube that has been sitting on my table for a while now in a bit. 


Pro tips:

Water-based lubes are excellent for solo, used with a partner, condoms, toys, and a bunch of other stuff such as massage. There are better options for massage lubricants but just to give you an idea.

  • An absolutely wonderful gift and thanks to its name you can play around and add it to a well-gathered gift basket for example.
  • Perfect for being used with toys (don’t use ANY other kind of lube with toys beside water-based. Some toys can’t even take oil lubricants and you don’t want to ruin your expensive toy do you?)
  • Very small and perfect for travel too. Tho for home use would like to have a bigger bottle available.

This is all for this review.
Sinful provided me sex toy starter kit for an honest review and this lube was part of the package. I just thought it deserves a separate review from all the goodies that were in the kit. You’ll be able to purchase it from here.

Thank you for reading and see you at the next review.

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