Mini but as mighty as regular wand?


Ditey rates 4/5

Greetings darlings!

It has been a while.

Here I was in a mad-sad little cocoon after losing my job due to Corona pandemic when Grace from bestvibe reached out and asked if I wanted to go collaborate and review some products for them. Sure! I got overly excited just about getting to view new store selection and pick out all kinds of exciting gizmos. It was hard alright. There are always around 80 products at first that I manage to downsize to 40. Then to 20 but after that, it’s too hard. Ended up starting a collaboration with this lovely little wand that is sold under the name ‘mini wand’ and it’s mint green too! Yes! Perfect place to start especially since it has so many good reviews which is unusual for a small toy since so many small toy motors is simply meh…

To my great disappointment, they were fresh out of mint green and I received a wand in hot pink. Oh, the cliché hot pink. The good news is that decided out of random excitement also get hot pink nails a few weeks before receiving my mini wand so we match. Yes, I’m excited about matching with a sex toy. Oh, joyful simple life.

Let’s get into listing features etc and I’ll tell you about my experience in more detail afterward.

Pro’s and cons

+ I have a soft spot for small version of anything. So this is absolute plus for me just because it’s also decent despite its size.
+ Waterproof
+ Magnetic rechargeable
+ ABS silicone
+ 10 vibration variation
+ Extra plus for color choice that is non cliché sex toy industry color choice. Despite demand not that many brand makes other colors available beside black, pink, hot pink and purple. Ugh. 

– Honestly it had so many positive reviews that I was expecting much more despite of its size. It’s not rumbly, it’s buzzy. Why oh why? Mini betrayal.

In action

The problem with reviewing toys has turned out to be the number of orgasms needed to get a grip on how toy actually performs. Every orgasm is a bit different and sometimes having a just ok orgasm is not toys fault at all. Especially due stress etc. It absolutely was the case with this toy, especially since it’s not a disappointment but not giving me a mind-blowing experience either. It’s just enough above average but doesn’t stand out from all the wands that I’ve tried as Doxy 3 does. It reminds me the most of Wandetta’s wand which was one of my first sex toys and remembers choosing it coz of its size and price.
Here are other wands that I’ve tried to compare to:
Gvibe bulb
Pink panther
This gorgeous wand
And these two dual wands here and here.

I give the orgasm that I had with this wand 5 out of 10. And I’ve had plenty with this toy just to make sure. It just doesn’t cut it for me cuz I have so many other toys that I’ll rather continue using. BUT I think this is an excellent first toy or if your toy collection is under 10 item collection/ don’t have a traveling toy yet. Yes, ofc you need one. 


Pro tips:

  • Who are we kidding? It always starts with lube. Use lube, especially when using a toy.
  • ALWAYS use water-based lubes with silicone-based toys. Period. Oil-based ones work too but not with every toy so stick to water base and you’ll know it’ll always work.
  • This is a cute and excellent gift. Especially for someone looking to start their collection.
  • Perfect first sex toy candidate. Cheap and basic. Won’t leave you hanging.
  • Good travel companion.
  • Gives decent massages if used for muscles, sadly you need a rumbly wand to get a good massage, not buzzing.
  • I can’t stress enough using lubes. Do yourself a favor.

This was it for this review.
Bestvibe kindly provided me this item in exchange for an honest review. You’ll find this product on their website here.

See you in the next review!

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