Fuckslut lube (yes you read that right)


Ditey rates 3/5


Hello, darlings!

First of all: why so aggressive?!
Name written in all caps and kinda feel like some are cursing at you. But again if that’s your fetish why not? It’s not like it’s hurting anyone. Quite temporary MEO fuckslut will help with reducing anal plays pain. 

Just to be fair I did try to tone down the aggression with flower, pink, heart, and all the dazzle but now it looks like it was made by an angry unicorn. Who might or might not be into anal…


Lets break this glory down, shall we?

+ This name alone makes this product stand out!
+ Honestly this time I like the little bottle so if you don’t like the product it not much will go to waste
+ Have to give the name another plus for good chuckles
+ Velvety consistency, skin on skin glides smoothly
+ As promised it’s numb you out just enough to get rid of discomfort but not entirely that it’d remove sensation entirely.

– It was mentioned that this magical lube does wonders for skin like luxury skin serum. It did not. My skin looked glossy and was bit sticky. Left it over night to see if it’ll makes skin smoother. Nothing that special that would make me put fuckslut on my face again.

All the things that I do for this blog..

All in all:

There are so so many lubes for anal on the market. Will try more and more of them in time but tbh I don’t feel there’s anything that magical about this lube that would purchase it again. Perhaps I’d like some ‘cooling’ feeling to it for some odd reason, but again this is a matter of taste. This lube works perfectly and does the job, as promised. So I’m just being my snobby self, don’t mind me.


Pro tips:

  • Numbing lubes are great for oral too if you’re looking for something to help with gaging reflex.
  • Not the best gift idea, except for your bf at their big party where all their family attending and make sure they show the gifts to everyone after opening for maximum effect.
  • Absolutely recommend for traveling! Just to see the airport security face when they’re going through your liquids. Just for the fun of it. AND don’t forget to mention that it’s yours.


Sadly, this was it for my glorious review of fuckslut. I’d say try it and decide for yourself if it makes you feel like a princess or a slut.

You’ll be able to purchase this beauty directly from the MEO website here.

See you at next review,


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