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Ditey rates 4,5/5

Hello, darlings!

This post is especially for women and our delightful time of the month. If you’ll remember while back wrote a review on a menstrual cup and promised to get back to how to sterilize it and keep it hygienic. You can find that post here.

I love my cup and would not go back to pads or tampons. Switched to a cup for ecological reasons and it turned out to be so much more than expected:
I could forget about my period and go swimming. Work out without fear of “overflow” etc. Rock white pants, tho it did not remove the fear of having a red stain on them tho.


Why to purchase one of these:

+ Kills bacteria with steam
+ Very quick and clean
+ All you need is little bit of water and electricity to make this work

– Wish it was bit bigger for sterilizing some make up brushes etc.
– Sadly only UK plug is available

All in all:

Used to clean my cup for leaving it in a mug and pour boiling hot water on it. Or boil it in a kettle. Also, wash it in the dishwasher (don’t do this) at lazy days since we wash our dishes always at 60-70degrees. 

It does the job perfectly tho can’t help feeling a bit frustrated. Love living minimalistic life and pull this thing out to use once a month. Sometimes I don’t even need to use the cup so don’t need this thing either. It’s a bit waste of space and just a gadget. One could easily survive without it too. 

Let’s call it your little something for daily luxury, eh?


Pro tips:

  • Be careful when using this product. Hot steam will burn all the bacteria and your fingers too! Even after it’s done it’ll take a while to cool down.
  • It’s great for home use, but not very handy traveling companion.
  • A good alternative choice for this is UV light sterilizers, but you have to still boil your cup first. 
  • Leave your cup in sunlight for a day or two; it’ll clear the weird yellow and cup will go back to its clear look like day one. That is if your cup is clear. If it’s green or some other color, forget about this.


Alright, this was it for this review.
It’s sponsored by me and you could buy your own sterilizer from here, here, here or here for example. 

See you at the next review folks!


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