Maybe, perhaps or never?


It’s rather ironic to think about how people go on and on about humans being such a well developed species, specially what comes to communication. Yet we fail to at a daily base of communication: to ask or thank another.

Sadly many of us let people manipulate us to say and do lots of things that we don’t want to do. No matter if it’s a friend, co-worker, sibling, or even a parent it’s never ok. Ofc there’s some situations when you should not argue just for the sake of having the last word or forcing your opinion on others. However this is the least of our problems mostly.

Too many of us agree to do stuff that we don’t even want to. Favors, sexually, or break under social pressure.

Don’t even get me started on how people tend to hear whatever that is in their favor. That brings us to today’s theme so let me put my sassy pants quickly on..



Ladies, you know this better than guys when a lady answers ‘maybe’ it means no and probably never. Say if you want that second cup of coffee or go on a date it’d be a yes, not a maybe.

Guys, I love your optimism what comes to reading maybe as a ‘yes’ in the near future. 

Now jokes aside it starts to cause problems in many situations when one answers ‘maybe’ instead of clear ‘no’ and other party takes it as ‘I’m not hearing no’ and continues to pursue whatever the situation is about. 

Lets be honest: maybe is a no. Grow a pair and say it out loud calmly yet firmly and stand behind those words!



Now we’re talking! This is actually optimistic use of word and probably is turning into yes or no within seconds so hold on.

Don’t try to push it or rush it, cuz that is manipulation. Just in case you didn’t know. Other party might however ask for more details in order to help them to decide, but that is different. 

Don’t be an ass.



Honestly you need to stay strong and only say yes when you mean it/ want to. 

Someone not wanting to do something and pressuring them to say ‘yes’ doesn’t make it legal nor right. You’re still a manipulative ass.

Do not say ‘yes’ for sake of getting faster out of situation. Chances are that you’re just digging deeper into whatever trouble you’re in. Unless it’s your parents going on and on about something that you know there’s no chance of winning. Then yes mom, you’re absolutely right.



When you’re in situation that you’re uncomfortable with instead of getting deeper into it say no and walk away. It’s not always that simple, but you don’t need to commit to the first bad decision either and go down all the way. Please keep this in mind.
Don’t agree to do anything that you don’t want to do. No matter who asks. Trust your instincts. It doesn’t feel right, it most likely isn’t.

Please, please don’t let anyone to manipulate you out of ‘no’ to ‘yes’ just cuz you want out of the situation/ make it stop.


Bottom line:

Meeting with people that try to pressure me to do something that I don’t want to do inspired this post. That’s how ended up being sexually abused in the first place so once was enough for me and learned my lesson. Tho after years of being suicidal and having a whole bunch of problems.

Yes this is a very sex-related point of view, but you can easily apply this to work, friendship, etc. Tho at work it mostly makes you an ass.

Don’t be an ass. Listen to the actual answer and not whatever suits your purpose.

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