Cheapest way to utopia?


Ditey rate 5/5


LADIES!!! This is it!

Ok let me elaborate:
it’s very quiet and very intense. Why? Cuz all the vibration is concentrated on that teeny tiny tip. So When you go “in”, don’t put it literally in. Such a waste of good vibration. You’re supposed to navigate and land it on tip of the clitoris. Yes, the very tip of it. More gentle you are, better it’ll feel. This thing has the power to get you there in seconds. If it was my product, I would guarantee you your money back if it didn’t give you explosive orgasm. It will. And as always, squirters will squirt 100/100.

It comes with two tips… options? Cute bunny and tentacle. Don’t let that Mr bunny fool you, he’s a savage! Those ears will vibrate like there’s no tomorrow and it’s good for nipples etc. The tentacle will vibrate so hard it looks like it’s waving you goodbye high speed like it’s high on cocaine.


Time for cons and pros, shall we?

+ It’s affordable
+ Magnetic rechargeable
+ Waterproof!!
+ Rumbling!!!
+ Very smooth and pleasant to the touch, entire thing, but specially silicone parts. Everything but tip of the wand is silicone. Tip appears and feels like hard plastic, still bends and moves well.
+ 7 vibrations to choose from and you can get them to tenser mode or slow them down, this feature also always gets a BIG plus from me. I’m not always in mood to go savage on my poor clit. Sometimes it needs romantic and slow night. You know what I mean.
+ Battery last forever. Pretty convinced of this. Week after another and still haven’t charged it again. You don’t need to use it for long so battery last forever.

– It looks kinda funny. Laughed at it at first when it arrived. First introduction between my clit and its tip and that was end of laughing. It’s not funny, if it works. And oooh man let me tell you, it works alright!!

My delightful experience:

LADIES GET IT!!! This is one of the must-haves, beside a bullet.
Reviewed one similar to this yesterday and will link it below, but personally I prefer this over Letens stimulator any day, yet Leten seems to be more popular.

Hands down one of my fav toys ever! Every time I simply want an orgasm I’ll reach for this toy. It’ll never let you down. Even when I’ve gone numb from trying some shitty toy, this babe always gets you to finish line. They should make it their slogan.

However, the higher the vibration is turned the buzzier the toy gets. Not a sign of a good toy. Good for a starter.


Pro tips:

  • Lube!! It’ll make it fly all over the place so use something that doesn’t stain sheets etc.
  • Reserve yourself the proper time to play with this one. It’ll blow your mind, send your eyes to the back of your head, etc. You’ll be left to always want more and more until you feel like you’ll die if cum one more time.
  • GREAT, I’m telling you, great gift! I’ll be gifting one of these to my friends that look for good vibrators.
  • This is actually great for nipple stimulation
  • Very good for stimulating the tip of the dick too. Or so I’ve heard.
  • Great travel companion tho you need to be careful to not break the tip. It’s kinda delicate. Accidentally broke mine, but superglued it back and it still works its magic like before. 

I’ll be testing some more toys tonight, in name of science, and will get you more material to review by tomorrow night!

Until tomorrow,
Ta taaaa 💋


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