Most have wand!


Ditey rates 5/5


What is this? Not pink and all princess styled?

Oh yes, this one is purely a bad boy and you can tell from since touch.
The kind of bad, that makes you fall in love with it, spend all day at home playing with it without regrets.

Ok, I’ll stop with all that excessive use of words that start with W.

I told you to hold on to your panties at the end of the last post, didn’t I? Now tighten your grip ladies; this one is gonna make them turn inside out 



Without further ado lets get straight to business:

+ MY GOSH what a power! I mean when I’m all numbed up from playing too much with toys, this one ALWAYS makes sure I can finish off. Hell yes! Million times yes!
+ Great for all kind of massages. My neck, along side my lady bits, is happier than ever. So relaxed…
+ Main part, head is ABS silicone, so it’s safe to play with.
+ Cost only 40€ for something so amazing while doxy is 100+ euros.
+ Rechargeable! Oh yes!

– This time won’t be bitching about how it’s not magnetic rechargeable, cuz something this powerful gets excused in my book for something so little, BUT they could have covered the charging port up. Many toys have something to fill up that hole. I mean it’s not like many of us could ruin it somehow by getting it wet, but to be safe + all of screw holes are filled up with silicone bits, so why not charging port?
Oh wow that was quite a bitching. That should be enough

Let me tell you something:

This is hands down one of the most powerful wands I’ve tried. It’ll give you one of those so strong climax that you’ll feel like you’re gonna pass out.

And by the time I’m rewriting this post I’ve tried doxy wand. Let me just say that it does stand to its reputation alright. But This wand is also great for its price.

Pro tips:

  • Lube, as always. Makes the tip easier to glide over whatever part of the body it’s used to massage.
  • Works well for both genitals. Massaging inner thighs, vulva, clit, perineum, balls, the shaft of the D, and even tip of the Johnson. 
  • Great for actual muscle massage. I gave myself entire scalp massage with this pretty boy and slept like a baby.
  • It’s a great gift! Especially for someone with a bit more life experience since they tend to have more muscle aches and cramps.

This is it for this review and time and will see you at the next post!
Started innocently with a pink rabbit, but today’s theme seems to be toys, that will make you squirt. Next coming up everyone’s favorite: glass class vol. 4! *crowd cheers*

You’ll be able to find and purchase this wand from here!

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