Tongue skills from another universe



Ditey says 4/5


Magic tongue? Who named this thing?

It looks like Michelin logo and Majin Buu from dragon ball Z had kinky sex and this monstrosity is the outcome.


I mean… Hello there!

This one is a bit of funny looking one, isn’t it? That’s not even half of the fun: The tip actually moves like a tongue and quite a powerful tongue that is. Yet again it got me laughing until trying part and it wasn’t so funny anymore. Are you laughing? Sit on it. Are you still laughing? I didn’t think so.

I don’t know what was I thinking when I ordered this. Probably was horny af, to be honest, cuz I can’t even recall ordering this. Having soft silicone and hard plastic part combined is defo not my style. And yes, you read right. It’s ‘liquid’ silicone, so at least it’s not some cheap plastic piece of garbage.


Time to be brutally honest, so buckle up (or unbuckle?): 

+ Big big plus for power and with little bit of clit stimulation you’ll be scream out of pleasure
+ Rechargeable
+ ABS silicone (liquid silicone feels kinda fun)
+ Very affordable and great value for the quality

– It’s freakin dust magnet! Only time that saw it entirely clean was when unpacked it.
– Well… It’s not the pretties girl at the ball, is it?
– Dots and all the curves serve no reason really. It’s a bit too soft for that. Compared to glass toys and every curve on them is felt throughly. See them here and here.

All in all:

Once you’ll receive this you’ll notice that tho if feels funky and looks even funkier, it’s defo high-end item. Regardless of rubber look and feel, it feels very comfortable inside or more like you’re not aware of it like something that doesn’t belong there is there. It belongs.

I have another similar product to this to review and honest IDK which one I prefer better. Keep switching back and forward between them until I’ve reached the decision (and climax) and forget it as soon as I’ve done so. So testing continues. You can see that review here.

Would have given this toy more than just 4 if it wasn’t such a pain in the ass to keep clean of dust.


Pro tips:

  • Lube, lots of it. Water-based, as always with the silicone toys.
  • This toy absolutely needs to be kept in a box, not a pouch. Cuz it’ll gather all the dust and anything that is in the air.
  • Personally I’d avoid taking stuff like this to the airport. 100/10 would not want them to open my suitcase and whip this one out.
  • Most awkward gift. Don’t even think about it.
  • This is a strong and good toy, but it seriously needs careful cleaning so if you buy this you’d need to commit to taking care of it. 

This was it for these products and will see you tomorrow with a new review. Don’t forget to subscribe! 

See you tomorrow! 


P.S I’ll receive today a new package filled with new goodies to review and share with you guys. Stay tuned!

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