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Alrighty then! … more pink toys. I mean hello there!

I’m starting to feel a bit nauseous. It wasn’t a good idea to collect every product in pink after all. But it makes a great princess toy collection tho.
This one was also one of my first toys ever and if remembered correctly even the most expensive one. Usually retailed for 100€, but found mine on sale even for 70€! Goodie!
The good thing about starting your toy collection is that you have basically no idea about what is your thing yet nor have favorites. So it’s more of getting about anything and everything since only ‘toy’ you’ve had by far is your hand. It makes this one a perfect first toy.

Handle dildo doesn’t exactly do much, tho it’s very powerful not so well shaped. I’ll get you there, but it won’t blow your mind. More like you’ll feel dirty afterward like abusing your hairbrush handle.


Now shortly about Lumunu:

+ It has two motors, which is always great.
+ Splash proof (I have washed it, but never used it in bath)
+ Battery lasts ages
+ Two motors
+ Very pleasant matte velvety smooth surface
+ 10 suction program
+ 20 Vibration program
+ ABS silicone

– It’s VERY noisy. I mean the noise on its own is a turn off. To be fair, the noise quiets down greatly once it’s on its spot and sucking on surface.
– Suction head looks like eel mouth.. yuck!- This disappointment package can be yours with only 70€

All in all:

I’m not sure if it’s just me or is it just seller surfing through people’s wallets by selling just barely ok products and it won’t do. That’s the main reason why I started this blog.
Honestly not gonna lie about expecting more. Not blown away. However, the vibrating handle/ vibrator situation is very strong and would serve even as a back massager.
Takes me forever to cum + it’ll numb you out. BUT all suction functions do.


Pro tips:

  • Lube for handle use but suction works better without lube.
  • Don’t forget to always wash your toys before and after each use.
  • Easy to clean and keep clean. You’ll need a Qtip to clean out the suction part tho. 
  • I would recommend for a beginner.
  • Toy collectors, don’t even bother. There are many more powerful suction vibrators out there.


Ooh, I almost forgot:
On the product page, they said something about nipple play with this thing. No. Just no. I have sensitive nipples and all I can feel these things do is the vibration. It’s buzzy, very buzzy. Like having an angry bee stuck inside the toy.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have first DHL bringing me a package of new goodies to review in 5min.
I will post a teaser but will post only one review per day.
Stay tuned!


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