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Hello, darlings!

Remember the teaser package, that had soooo many goods in it? See it here

This little babe was in that package and it’s so tiny and innocent that it doesn’t even look like anything related to sexuality. Package included remote control for it, but threw that part out, cuz it worked with button battery, that was already out of charge when it reached me. I don’t support any toy that is powered by batteries. Toy itself however is rechargeable so didn’t throw it out.

This little lady got my attention first and had to give it a try, so it was buzzing happily and working its magic while I was opening the rest of the stuff. Yes, ofc I washed it first.

Now thinking back with this in my pants while unpacking the rest of the goodies, no wonder I was so excited about everything..



I’ll be doing the usual listing now:

+ ABS silicone
+ It’s feminine all around. Color, shape and so soft to touch. Very pleasant to be in touch with.
+ Rechargeable
+ Small and easy to carry it in purse/ pants without raising eyebrows. Even asked my male friends if they could guess what this is. They couldn’t. There you go ladies

– Not the cheapest kind of toy, but still under 50€ and I need to have a talk with seller about remote control being remade and be rechargeable. Only best for my ladies

Pro tips:

  • Great for foreplay
  • Sneaky public something
  • Warmup alone or with partner
  • Part of solo games or foreplay
  • Travel-sized and great traveling companion

This was it for this review but I have a bit more to say about this toy so there’s extra below. Get your popcorns!

Enjoy and see you at next review! XOX

Honestly I’m not big fan of pink. Yet every sample sent to me is either pink or purple. Since I was a kid as soon as learn talk said that I hate pink. Now I can endure it, but defo not one of my favs. Blush/ powder is gorgeous shade tho, but pig pink still makes me grinch a bit. But this my opinion so doesn’t count as negative.

I have so much to say about this picture and it makes me laugh so hard about scenarios that it’d cause and luckily for you, I’d share it:



Really? Imagine that 23:00 or 00:00 bus ride where either everyone is dead tired coming from night shift home and there’s this weird humming buzz that is very dif freq from usual buss noise. Now hope no one can figure it out it’s you. For me this thing just gets excited and not until the finish line, but how are you gonna hide for O-face and keep quiet in a buss? What if there’s just you and the driver? Sit really close to them, stare them in the eyes and finish, like a boss ass creep.



This would work, cuz too much noise anyway BUT you might want to have panties made for keeping these kinds of things in. Cuz this is buzzing and you’re moving, perhaps dancing, and in no time you’ll have this lady falling out and landing on the dance floor doing its own breakdance solo while buzzing and spinning around.
Don’t look at it. It wasn’t yours. Just go and get a shot and drink your shame away. Shaaaaame.



Sure, why not. I’ve just listed so many better toys to be played with a companion. Or this can be good warming up if you’re looking for something new. Whatever floats your boat.
I’d slide it in in-laws purse and turn it on highest vibration on the most inappropriate moment and have a silent evil smile while looking at them panic trying to find what’s that sound and then trying to explain themselves. YES!



Gee, who are you working for?! Mr. Grey? Just finish that work and get home to get off in peace. Who even made this list man…


In the car. shouldn’t it be IN the car?

Now I can’t shake off the image of someone sitting on the roof of the car while the car drives fast on the highway and they’re trying to hold on for dear life and hopefully, that adds to the vibration kick.



I think we covered this at the dance floor scenario. But sure, try this at Yoga. Go on, I dare you. For once you’ll be very much into that humming relaxation…

Ok, I think I’ve been sassy enough for one time. Tho I could just keep going on with scenarios and come up with my own suggestions too.


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