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Hello, my darlings!

Sorry for my week of solitude, but I have been very busy with new projects, getting hold of new sponsors, and rebuilding this website with professionals. I hope you like it. Back to business! This is the first kegel ball review and thanks to the seller for this sample, cuz he wanted me to try this since it was one of their high-end products. I don’t tend to fancy kegel balls/ toys, tho I know EVERYONE should own one because everyone can benefit from:

  1. Treating urinary incontinence
  2. Preventing vaginal prolapse
  3. Treating inflammation in the prostate gland
  4. Speeding up vaginal post-pregnancy recovery

This is my first kegel and I kinda love it. Tho it was surprising to turn it on via remote once it was in. Had a small heart attack.
Maybe I’ll post the entire post about the benefits of kegel, but not this time.


So without further ado, lets get into breaking this thing into positive and negative points:

+ ABS silicone always gets A+ from me
+ So does magnetic rechargeable & recharges fast
+ 16 modes to choose from! That’s right, 16!
+ Multiple color choices and so so soft and pleasant to touch
+ Feels quite pleasant once inside too. Vibration just makes it better.

– Ok I need to address the elephant in the room now and say that remote is quite rubbish! Not only that it’s not rechargeable, it looks like a freaking cheap toy. You’d never think it belongs to something this elegant and high quality, but it does. I’ll make sure to have a talk with the company and have them change that to rechargeable remote. Just the best for my readers.

Pro tips:

  • Might want to use that lube..
  • Use 10min per day, no need to invest a huge amount to time in order to get fit pelvic muscles.
  • It’s also a great part of foreplay to hand your partner the remote control to be in charge of speed etc. 
  • Absolutely a great gift. Especially for someone of age or post-pregnancy. Nothing says better how much you care about someone than a thoughtful gesture. Pelvic muscles help with so many things. Holding pee is one of them and no one likes peeing themselves.

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This post was paid for by my broke ass! I have spent about 2k on toys by now. Not even sorry and will be purchasing a whole lot more in the future!

As always: see you tomorrow and until then;
Ta taa!!

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