Most silent bullet yet!



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Hello, darlings.

Welcome back to read about the second bullet on duty and this is great on!

I have been eyeing this pretty little thing for ages and had my lovely little bullet back then and didn’t think I’d need this. I’ve changed my mind. Might even like this one more than my older bullet that wrote the review on here.
No, I don’t That bullet is absolutely my fav toy and carry it with me in my purse everywhere.

This one is silent. Really really silent and omg so smooth! I don’t need it to vibrate and introduce it to my lady bits to reach the big O. Just touching the surface of it gets me excited. So smooth and soft. Could absolutely spend hours just playing with it, I mean just enjoy toys quality and shape without even turning it on yet.

By now some of the readers might have noticed that I favor the highest qualities and magnetic rechargeable products. Why magnetic rechargeable? Magnetic is strong and charges up pretty fast (it’s a kinda fancy and rare feature). A great feature when you need it and you need it NOW!

Without any further ado, lets get into brutally shaming and endorsing this thing, shall we?

+ Rechargeable and fast charging
+ Entirely water resistant
+ ABS silicone
+ VERY silent
+ 16 modes!! Amazing for such a small thing
+ So smooth surface! Try not to touch it, I dare you!
+ Very soft button and takes clicks easily, big bonus!
+ One of best products I’ve ever tried. It’ll get you there slowly but with a big bang!

– It’s bit of fancier bullet so it wasn’t our regular 12€ bullet, more like 30€ or above depending where you’ll find it.
– It’s called lipstick bullet. I don’t think engineer had vaguest idea about what lipstick are or how they look like.
– As much as I love this, I’m blessed with a sensitive clit and this gets me off, but it’s not powerful enough. Wish it was rumbling.

All in all:

I have no idea why it says G-spot stimulator, cuz it’s not that big of a thing if you put it up to your lady garden, you’ll lose it. Don’t do that.
However lipstick shaped tip is great for dif tricks on clit: It’s nice on its flat side to be run up and down (slowly or furiously, whatever floats your boat) and the tip of the lipstick shape is great to be used very softly to barely touch the clit. Do you know the kind that gives you a bit of tickle and shivers?

This gorgeous little thing absolutely stays in my list of favs and I’ll carry it with me when I’m traveling.

Pro tips:

  • This bullet has so many modes that there’s something for everyone.
  • It’s also great for nipple play. 
  • Absolutely a good gift and travel company
  • As always: lube. Use it with this, but remember to skip silicone-based since it’s a silicone toy.
  • This is the part where guys come in:
    Bullets are great for foreplay, solo, or just anything that you can come up with. Use it on the balls while giving oral. Use it on shaft while or tip. Using it on balls has been the most popular choice by far, so I’d strongly recommend trying that out.

I’m gonna stop at ‘balls’ and let them… hang in there *chuckle*
I’ll be showing myself out now.

Until tomorrow,
Ta taa! 

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