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Hello, darlings!

Round we go and always come back to Leten. Hands down one of my fav brands. Now you know that there will be tons of their products reviewed by me. Why? Cuz they’re simple yet powerful and high quality. 
Ok, some might at this point look up and see that I didn’t give this toy a five but am going on and on about the brand. Well, not every brands product turns out to be a huge success. This is a sad story of not so great wand, but I want you to keep in mind that at this point I’ve become a bit of a toy snob and have tried multiple wands and this one is not even my 5th choice if I had to choose. I’ll list all the wands reviewed by now at the end of the post, but until then let’s get into it!


I’ll judge this one fairly:

+ As always I’m happy with simple and elegant package with only essentials in it: the toy and charging cord. Very tiny manual too.
+ Rechargeable 
+ ABS silicone
+ Dual motors! Every time I get excited about dual motors, idk about you.
+ Easy to hold on to and switch between intensities during use, this is rare feature.

– I have no word for my disappointment for despite how powerful ear head is on its own, still not mind blowing at use. Well I’ve come to love rumbling toys, I mean who wouldn’t?
I’ll explain the difference below if you don’t know.
– For a Leten product pretty weak performance I say. I’ll wait for other toys.

All in all:

First things first:
promised you previous wand reviews that you can find hereherehere and here.

Now before getting into the difference between buzzing and rumbling, here’s a haiku that I wrote about how much I despise buzzing vibrator:

They sound like a bee,
makes me feel like I’m gonna pee. 🐝



Like in haiku said, a basic buzzing vibrator only vibrates very mildly and sounds like an angry bee. It only stimulates surface tissue. And sensation and big O is based on surface stimulation.
Rumbling will literally rumble and get the vibration into deeper tissue. Where the rest of the clitoris is! So stimulation is heavenly and you’ll almost faint after reaching climax. THIS is what you want.
I want you to keep in mind that not every expensive brand offers your best quality so you need to first get to know yourself and what you like and then look for toys. That’s when I come in with my graphic reviews to help you to find what you like and if it’s worth the price.


Pro tips:

I’d recommend this to someone who is getting their first toys, cuz it sure does the job and offer clit and g-spot stimulation is the same package. Sadly not at the same time, but there are options for those too.
For someone with a toy collection, this is not worth their while in my opinion. It’s not that special nor stands out from other wands. But again I’m a toy snob and have Doxy to compare my wands to so that affects my judgment.
USE THAT LUBE!! I can’t stress this enough. And always use water-based lube with silicone toys. It’s better for you and you won’t ruin the toy.

This post is sponsored by MEO and you can find their product on their site here.
I’m all drained out for today so talk to you tomorrow peeps. Take care of yourself and your precious bits 💋

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