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Hello, Darlings!

I came across very pinpointed vibrators and noticed that they’re very popular and appreciated but why. it looks so funny! If I’ve learned anything by now is that you shouldn’t judge by the appearance of the toy. They can surprise you entirely. 

It’s a stimulator alright or more of a teaser. Feel like teaser is more fitting in this case since the vibration is not that powerful and damn buttons are hard to push. Actually they’re touch-sensitive so you can’t push them. Better not accidentally touch them at all. Damn buttons…



This is going to be brutal:

+ Looks and feels very luxurious
+ Not heavy at all, quite surprising
+ Smart buttons: no need to press. Gentle tap is enough.
+ 10 freq.
+ Reasonable price.
+ Rechargeable

– You’ll probably turn it on/off by accident million times. Happens to me all the time.
– Instructions were in Chinese. I don’t speak Chinese.
– Can’t tell the dif between freq. More of can’t feel the dif.
– Makes an annoying high pitched noice. Quite a turn off for me.

My experience:

So, while trying to figure this thing out and it kinda blocked me from pretty great O, I decided to finish off with something more reliable. BUT it deserves the name sarcastically and also cuz it will get you there slowly while driving you crazy in a good way! So I’ll defo give it a few more shots. 

Sure it sounds great and all, but it’s kinda sh*tty middle of the heat of the moment you take the wrong kind of grip and it turns off. You’re soooo into it that won’t notice it until the actual moment is gone and nearly, just nearly reached that big O, but not quite. It kinda awakes my inner raging beast. Not the sexy kind.

I love it but hate it. But it feels so good that I love it. I suppose you have to try it for yourself, huh?
There’s other toys that are similar to this and by far this one is absolutely the worse one that I’ve tried from this kind of toy.


Pro tips:

  • With this one, be patient until you’ve mastered it.
  • Lube, as always. The material allows you to use any kind of lube that you want. Go crazy!
  • Will drive you nuts tho the sensation is surface stimulating and not rumbling.
  • Honestly, this is a gorgeous gift. It’s a beautiful and classy looking toy. Unlike some an arm long realistic wobbly dong. 
  • Not a great travel companion since it turns on and off VERY easily. You can brush over it and accidentally turn it on.
  • Good for beginner’s collection. Not very special edition to someone with a large toy collection. Personally I’d skip this since I have so so many toys but I’m a bit of a toy snob.

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If I don’t mention it specifically that something is sponsored, I’ve paid for it with myself. It’s the case with most toys by far.

Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing the next goodie.
Until then,
nighty night! 💋

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