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It really was hard to settle my heart on any kind of rate for this toy. This is my first Lelo toy review and against all the negative info about the company online I really want to like them and love their sleek luxury style.

For this round, we’ll dive into suction toys and by far here are some toys that I’ve tried and that Sona Cruise 2 will be compared to:
Womanizer – 2 Go
Satisfyer – One nightstand
Womanizer – Pro 500
Suck octopus
Lumunu dual vibrator
Lelo – Sona Cruise 2
Satisfyer – Pro 2

I’m still debating if to review Satisfyer One night stand cuz it’ll be just ranting post but the list starts with worse toy and best at last. Satisfyer Pro 2 review is coming up so be patient.

Came across other bloggers post on twitter saying that suction toys quality has grown to be so much better during the years that she has to go back and change past reviews. It’s the same for me. Suction toy octopus is no longer in my favorite toy pile and it’s in never to use again pile. That’s why it was kinda hard to review this since everyone is raving about Satisfyer Pro 2.

Womanizer toys also were highly spoken of yet they were pure disappointment even when my blog was so new and there was not much to compare it to. The sensation was sheer meh. Will try their updated toys and hopefully they’re meeting their reputation now.

Ok enough about suction toys in general and get into Lelo Sona Cruise review itself starting with listing pros and cons, shall we?

Pros and cons

+ Love the sleek, simple and luxurious design of the toy
+ The curve on the toy makes it lot easier to hold on to it while pressing it against your clit.
+ Extra point for placing + button at the end of the toy so when you’re holding the toy upside down against your clit it’s easy to add intensity as you build up toward orgasm. Simply practical, yet most toys place the – and + buttons other way around.
+ This toy has some serious kick! It’ll deliver vibration and suction as promised. You’ll actually feel the vibration and it doubles the pleasure.
+ A lot of suctions toy numbs you out, Sona Cruise manages to avoid that miraculously.
+ 100% Waterproof (tho it doesn’t look like it from charging method)
+  12 vibration patterns

– First thing you’ll notice about this toy is that it is NOT silent. Not only that, the noice get much worse once it’s placed against skin. But again not many mighty toy are silent. It’s the price for might.
– The suction head either fits you or it won’t. No options there, good luck.
– 2 hour charging for 1h using time? Oh come on!!! Did I mention stand by time is 90 days? Ok that’s actually pretty good tho.
– As someone who unpackages lots of packages they sure have lots of stuff in one toy package. Too much waste but this is the down side to most luxury brands.
– Once you set your heart on the setting you can’t turn it up that much in the end and that just is a deal breaker for me. Satisfyer rather giver you one setting but you can turn the living shit up of it. That’s more my kind of a thing but vibration is consistent. If you like patterns it’s not for you.

In action

After using a good amount of time testing and comparing my current suction toys tho I don’t like Sona Cruise 2 much it still is second best by far. It has that much of a kick and rumbling vibration that almost makes it stand a chance against Satisfyer Pro 2, but I still prefer Pro 2. Why? Cuz I love to blast the highest setting which Sona Cruise 2 can’t provide and for me it’s a deal-breaker. Satisfyer Pro 2 is not as rumbly as this but if I turn to a suction toy I’m looking for hella good suction with dedication and Lelo did not deliver on that.
This toy despite everything retails for around 130€ gives or takes depending on the store and for what I’ve seen it’s just way too much asked for this toy. I’d rather pay this much for something either with dual function or something with the capability to make you have ‘WOAH!’ kind of orgasms. This is why Satisfyer made it so quickly to the top: the price matches the quality. The end.

Pro tips

  • Wash this toy right away after use, any kind of suction toy in that matter. Once fluids dry on it’ll be 3 times harder to clean it.
  • Suction toys are also excellent for nipple play
  • Use lube for a more slippery slope. Or if like me you’d like it to stay where it’s placed don’t use any lube.
  • Sona Cruise 2 stays well out of way just in case you want to use a penetrable toy at the same time.
  • It’s easy to hold in place when used with a partner.
  • And as always: use water-based lube only with silicone toys.

That was everything for this review.
Lelo Sona 2 cruise was sent to me via Chiara’s adult shop in exchange for an honest review. You’ll be able to purchase it directly from Chiara’s website here or the Lelo website here.

Thank you for reading and see you at the next review!

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