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Ditey rates 4/5

Greetings darlings!

As it happens this review is also about G spot vibrator as was the last review. The only difference is that this one is a luxury brand item and the previous one wasn’t, which reflects on the price. Slim G spot vibrator that I reviewed before this one retails for 40€ and this one retails around 140€ give or take. Naturally, I’m expecting much more from this toy, cuz ain’t no one gonna pay 100+ for a basic toy.

Comparing other G spot vibrators to Lelo Gigi 2 feature that keeps repeating itself is the lack of girth. G spot toys are slim and I’m loving it! It adds to the possibility of enjoying the head of the vibrator that is the star of the show and provides that G spot stimulation.

Lelo Gigi 2 is my second Lelo product and I am over the moon to be able to try out their products. Especially since I’ve been reading so much about Gigi 2 all over the internet and it’s one of their best sellers. Expectations keep growing.

Pros and cons

+ For some reason that cool gray just got me at first glance. Always sucker for cool colors on toys
+ ABS Silicone toy, hurray!
+ 100% waterproof (tho looking at charging method you wouldn’t guess)
+ 1y warranty
+ 8 vibration pattern
+ Very silent!
+ 2h of charging and 4h of play time

– It’s way too short for me. (have read multiple similar view about gigi 2 being too short)
– The rumble is ok, not that powerful. I’d expect much stronger kick from 140€ toy.

In action

First time trying this toy left me with a feeling of ‘awe hell no!’ and if I’d have saved up to purchase this toy I’d be hella mad. Why? Let me paint you the picture:

G spot should be palpable about 3cm after entering the vagina. Again, one does not fit all so mine is absolutely not that close. Therefore this toy is too short for me and found myself trying to hold on to the toy before I’ll lose it into the abyss of my vagina. With lube tainted fingers it was quite a task. Not to mention that in the end I had Gigi 2 up to its buttons into my vagina and it barely hits the spot. Based on the first round I’m not impressed at all, kinda pissed too cuz it’s hard to clean a toy with so many details and I hate to be able to completely clean toys.

The second time was more successful and was not nearly as close to losing the grip of the toy. Which left my mind at ease enough to concentrate on pleasure. The rumble is ok but since it just doesn’t fulfill its purpose and doesn’t even reach my G spot what’s the point? The orgasm was ok.

What we learn here is that the best hack to save money while shopping for toys is to know your body. For me, my G spot is not even my most sensitive part. After clitoris, A spot is what does it for me and this toy is nowhere near being able to reach it.

Pro tips

  • Please do get to know your body before investing in expensive love instruments.
  • G spot vibrators are very specific kinds of toys that do not make a good gift unless you specifically know about other personal preferences. Rather gift a wand or a bullet. It’s a safe bet.
  • Always use lube while using silicone toys. It’ll make the experience much more enjoyable.
  • Only water-based lube is good to pair with silicone toys.
  • You can also use the tip of the toy to massage the clitoris or the shaft of the penis says during oral or why not the tip of the penis too. 
  • Don’t forget to wash your toy right after use! Especially with a toy with this many details once the body fluid dries up it’s hard to get it off.


This was it for this review folks.
Chiara’s adult shop send me Lelo Gigi 2 kindly in exchange for my honest review. You’ll be able to purchase yours directly from their website form here or from the Lelo official website from here.

I’ll see you at the next review.
Until then, bye! XOX

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