Ladies listen up!!!


Hello dear!

I thought to share something very simple yet special trick that my mom told me about. It might assist you too.

Now since I was a kid my mom used to try to teach me not to sit on the ground/ floors. Especially without panties. Including the bathroom floor, especially the bathroom floor. Trying to teach me with sugar-coated versions of how you can get all kinds of lady problems.
Did I get that? No. But tried to always listen. 
My problem actually started with buying new panties and always ALWAYS wash new panties before use but just wanted to try them on before washing them. Too excited. That’s my first introduction to lady problems. After menstrual delights, ofc.

Doctor and pills took care of that episode. All good. Yet need plans for when it’ll be back. Oh yes, it’ll be back. 

This is where magic comes in:

Soda + Water!

As simple as that. Just add one teaspoon full of soda + to a glass of water. Room temperature. It’s not rocket science ladies.

All you need to do is patiently rinse yourself with soda + water solution and make sure to rinse the entire vulva area, labia included, and vaginal opening. Now rinse with just water and gently dry yourself with a towel. Done.
At this point, you should feel the difference.
Every time I feel uncomfortable in the lady bits area use this solution once/ twice a day and it takes care of my problem within a day or two. Done.

PH imbalance:

What causes these imbalances are usually things that throw your natural pH balance off. Like sex, menopause, menstrual, overly washing, hormonal fluctuation, and so on. Lady’s genitals are delicate flowers and need to be treated accordingly.

Here are some problems that occur due to the imbalance of pH in the vagina are:

  • Yeast infections
  • Excessive vaginal discharge
  • Foul odor
  • Itching
  • Painful intercourse


DO NOT use this solution to rinse your vagina and god forbid the uterus. It’s to be used to rinse vulva only. It’ll cause you dif kinds of problems if you use it to rinse internally. In that case please drink the soda solution instead. There are tons of ideas for soda detoxing and this article is not about that.

I’m not a medical professional, merely another little person in a sea of little people just like me. If this home remedy does not help you within a week, please seek medical help. If necessary even sooner. Personally I’d visit the doctor after 3rd day. 

As always, be good to yourself and your body will return the favor. Take care of your body. It’s the only place that you have to live.

See you tomorrow with a new review!
Goodnight folks! XOX

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