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Hello, darlings!

It’s been too long. Life goes on a little bit too fast for me to follow after and the current situation is not helping the situation either. The hectic environment requires swift changes and it feels like it’s been just swift changes and constant battle to find the balance during the pandemic.

This toy, ‘kiss toy 5’, caught my eye when I was going through bestvibe toy selection and it was even compared to have that new unique sensation as Zumio does. Obviously not directly the same sensation could be promised then when using Zumio considering how unique that toy is so was expecting to get something of this sort. I’ve reviewed few other toys of such sort in past so there was something to compare this to, regardless had kinda high hopes for it.

Without further ado, let’s get to listing pros and cons and will let you know the rest as the review builds up. Shall we?

Pros and cons:

+ Always upvote a magnetic rechargeable toy, cuz…
+ …it’s magnetic rechargeable!
+ Which also makes it waterproof
+ Easy to clean and maintain
+ Comes with the charging station (like electric toothbrush) and very few other items. Minimalistic packaging.
+ Love the red color option.
+ For once silence is delivered: VERY silent toy. You can turn it on when someone else is in the same room without them hearing the toy. AMAZIIIING!

– Alas, silent toy and powerful toys are two different things. That said the motor power sucks donkey balls.
– Instructions was only in Chinese. Let me master Chinese real quick…
– Retails for 60USD. Are you kidding me? Zumio retails for 99USD. There’s no doubt even for a sec which one is worth the money. And it’s not the cheaper option…

In action:

I got one word to describe these toys’ performance: weak.
Simply very weak performance. No. Just no. I just want to get rid of it and then forget about it. 
When you start using it you’ll obv feel the vibration but it’s mainly buzzing kind so it won’t go deeper than the surface and you’ll numb out quite soon. Feels odd sitting there barely feeling the toy that is supposed to help you to get off and just waiting forever to build up toward orgasm. Honestly, for a second, I was sure this is gonna be one of those toys that don’t get you off but hey my hats off, it managed! Silent AND gets you off even tho the performance isn’t the best.
No matter how I look at this, this toy is simply not worth 60USD. Compares to magical clitoris stimulator or Leten clitoris stimulator this toy performs ok. Bit better than Leten toy. But worse than Magical clitoris stimulator. A big difference, however, is that both retail for 1/3 of the price than Kiss toy does.

All in all:

There are no pro tips for this review so all in all, I don’t think this toy is worth the price. It’s gorgeous and well made. Also, love the package but sex toy is purchased for obvious reasons that this toy just doesn’t fulfill well.
If you’re looking for pinpoint sensation I’d still recommend Zumio without a doubt. However, if you’re still not sure if concentrated stimulation is your cup of tea and you want to try something cheaper before investing in Zumio then I’d recommend Magical clitoris stimulator.

Bestvibe kindly sent me this toy free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. You can find this product on their website here.

This was it for this review thank I’ll see you at the next review.
Until then, bye.

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