Japanese worm wand


Ditey rates 5/5



This one gets pure 5. It doesn’t look like much and I did not expect much of it either. Are you seeing the pattern here? How often I don’t expect them to be much yet they surprise me? This is exactly one of those ‘don’t judge the book based on its cover’ moments.
When you take a good look at it first thing that you notice is the shape. It’s designed to hit the G spot. The second obv thing is the hoop at the end. It makes all the difference when you use it alone. Trust me.
I’ll enlighten you more on it after brutal review.



So buckle up:

+ ABS silicone (best kind of silicone and safest material for adult toy)
+  Magnetic rechargeable
+ Waterproof!
+ Hoop in the end helps to have control over toy all the time and it wont slip!
+ This is rare, but the + and – buttons on it doesn’t turn vibration up and down. You can go forward and backward in choosing vibrations. I must say I’ve seen maybe two toys by now that has this feature and it makes such a big difference! Usually I rather turn it off an on again than click 9 more times in order to go back to gentle vibe. This is my fav thing about this toy! After the hoop ofc.

– Sadly – button is too close to the hoop the way that when holding on tight to it you’ll easily accidentally turn the vibration down. We all know that in the heat of the moment it’s GREAT to go bit faster, but never slower. Ok everyone has their own thing, but it doesn’t work for me. It’s not my thing at all, so I find myself cursing at it while trying to keep the hold of it, keep the rhythm up and not press the button. It happened once or twice so no biggie.

All in all:

 I’d like to take a moment to endorse the shape. Like my fav glass toys here and here it has little bump middle of it. See the thing is that you’ll feel the tip ofc but the middle part especially since it travels often between outside and inside if you know what I mean and you defo feel it! Especially when you start to squeeze the muscles around it. 
The second thing I would like to endorse especially is the little wave-like bump before the hoop handle. It’ll come in, literally, before you’ll reach the big O. You’ll be pushing it in and out that deep only then and you won’t feel it dramatically, but you’ll notice that something just changed and it feels great!!

This one is special enough so I’d recommend it to start toy collections AND collectors. This babe will make your day, no matter what.
At this point, I’ve realized that actually it’s one of my favs and am not gonna get rid of it. See my collection is getting crazy wide, I’m expecting two big packages with more, so have to be strict with what to keep. This babe stays!


Pro tips:

I promise to find out why, but this one works perfectly without lube. Some toys need the lube without discussion, cuz it feels like you’d be trying to slide them across glass. Can you hear that high pitched sound that it makes cuz it’s NOT sliding? It’s painful too. This one is not one of those. Maybe lick it for good luck and enjoy ;D
Always wash your toys afterward. Hygiene is a big part of sexual health. Remember! I’ll make a post specially on this topic later on. Stay turned

Alright, this is it for today! I’ll see you tomorrow with a new post AND a teaser since I’ll be getting a new package from the sponsor. So excited! My first sponsor and second sponsors package come in next week. IIK!
Until tomorrow, byeeee 💋

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