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Oh boy, this is exciting to get to review an Iroha product finally but sadly it’s not one of their best work. The idea behind the product is the most beautiful:
Temari 手まり, literally translated means ‘handball’ which is the name of a Japanese handicraft. Said to have come to Japan from China in the 7th century A.D., (aka 1300 years ago!)
Originally it was made as a toy but nowadays it’s more of crafting for sake of crafting and keeping the tradition alive.
Leftover pieces from kimonos were used to be wrapped Temari in beautiful layer and rest was stitched to complete the design. Now just using threads to make geometric designs.
The difference between Tenga’s basic line and Iroha is that Iroha is meant for external use. Period.

After a closer look found out that all of Iroha’s vibrator designs are named after Japanese words. After all brand is Japanese so it just makes it more special that way. Ikea does the same, naming their product in something Swedish and the brand is Swedish so.
That’s enough about the backgrounds and let us get back to the actual product, shall we?

Cons and pros:

+ Love the design. Specially that it has a cap. Yet again one of non vibrator looking vibrator.
+ ABS silicone (part that comes in contact with genitalia, hard plastic around the toy is PVC)
+ 6 vibration modes (4 consistent and 2 pulsing)
+ Waterproof
+ Magnetic rechargeable

– One charge last 90min. That doesn’t even cover one masturbation session for me. 
– As mentioned Iroha website Temari is by far their most powerful toy, yet the orgasm provided is meh. It’s rather rumbly than buzzy but barely. 

In action:

As a vibrator an for the purpose that the toy is made I’d rate it 1,5/5 cuz personally I’d never reach for it again after testing it. I did try the theory and removed all other wand and left only this one on the bedside and few bullets (not my best bullets even) yet never again reached for Temari for Orgasm.
However, I did reach for it again and again for tummy rubs. Yes, the moving ball features make it the best and most optimal wand for stomach rubs (soothes upset stomach within 10min of rubbing) and work great on neck and other muscles too. That’s why it got 3/5 and not 1,5/5. Despite failing to deliver decent orgasms it still does work well enough to be repurposed.
What I love about this toy is that the way the ball moves when you roll it against the skin. Feels like rolling around an actual ball on your skin. Lots of wands have bendable heads but none comes close to feeling the way Temari does and imitating actual ball. That’s why it makes excellent massager for muscles and stomach.
Using lube makes it more enjoyable but fluids tend to get around the ball and dry up there. Hard to clean which makes it unhygienic in the end. I wish it’d come with some sort of brush or something to aid with cleaning the product.


Temari 手まり
literally translated means ‘hand ball’

Pro tips:

  • Use ONLY water-based lube with this product. Forget oil-based and silicone-based lubes.
  • Excellent gif considering its history, background and discreet shape.
  • Perfect for traveling since it comes with a lid and is very light.
  • Absolutely not a good idea as a first sex toy. You need something that blows you away (firsts always have a huge impact on the way you think about whatever the subject is in the future). Temari delivers ‘ok’ at the best. Sorry, not sorry.
  • One of the best wands, best non-wand looking wand, for massages. Other non-wand looking wand that delivers the same result is Gvibe Gbulb. Gbulb is more suitable for traveling since it has a travel lock and is cheaper too.

This was pretty much all for this review.
Iroha Temari is kindly sent to me by Tenga UK in exchange of an honest review. Perhaps I was too honest and won’t be expecting them to send anything for review in the future.
You’ll be able to purchase your own Temari from here directly from their website or their Amazon account here.

See you guys at the next review.
Until then, bye XOX

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