How to tell when someone is interested in you?



Buckle up, everyone! This article is gonna be purely psychological and it’ll blow your mind how much we send signals without being aware of it.

Often hear that I’m very demanding of other people. Well in my opinion lies are easily detected and you can tell when words are only words. Actions are what matters, yet there are so many people and we’re are unique. Not all of us show affection like others but will get more into this in another post. They’re called ‘love languages’ and they matter so much in so many ways.

Here are the 12 things listed. Back to business, shall we?


Catch a lie:

It’s easy to tell if someone is gonna try to just impress you with their fake affection to bend you to their will or whatever the reason behind their lie is.

Please do keep in mind that it’s not as easy as just listing things and deciding just like that if they actually care or not. Be patient, human, and keep your eyes open. That’s the point here. Not to give you a list to keep with you and put checkmarks and give them scores like ‘this one got 4/6 it’s a no’.


It’s an ugly thing to do and I want to help to catch them:

  1. Constantly interrupts you and won’t listen to you in general.
  2. Forgets and asks the same thing twice in a short period. It’s alarming if it’s on the same date! Tho keep in mind they might be just VERY nervous so don’t blindly judge them, read the signals. Trust your gut feeling.
  3. It starts to tell you the same story as never has before tho they did within a short period.
  4. Constantly complimenting you, yes you read that right. There is the right time and place for compliments. It’s the easiest and oldest trick in the book to compliment people to soften their egos. It’s commonly used in business.
  5. Constantly talk about themselves and only focus on you when they feel like they’re losing you. Say talk for 40min straight and when you’re clearly tired they pause to ask you something, have you engaged for a bit, and then continue talking about themselves.
  6. We all love to talk about ourselves. High lvl assholes knowledge and use it to their advantage. Instead of stupid ones, they won’t just talk about themselves. Quite contrary they constantly ask a question after a question and have you talk and talk, which will make you feel like they care. All they need to do is to just pretend to agree/ share the same opinion and you’re melted butter in their hands to do with whatever they wish to. Again, don’t blindly judge them and listen to your gut feeling. These people often zoom out or start to look around while you’re talking to them nor will notice if you pause awkwardly long middle of the sentence. Cuz they never intended to listen anyway.

Definition of genuine interest:

  1. I will ask little thing about you and will remember them! Like how you like the specific color and when say getting you ice cream asks for that specific colored spoon. (I’m a sucker for these little things)
  2. Respects your boundaries if you don’t want to meet right away/ not do this and that and will perhaps tell you something ‘negative’ about themselves to cancel out the embarrassment. Won’t let you hang them by yourself/ hold it against you.
  3. They might compliment you by words, but also with little physical compliments like will absolutely make sure to hold the door, make sure you’re not cold, and so on. Ofc a-holes will hold the door to check that ass or use the cold to get close to you to kiss you and close the deal. SHAME ON THEM!
  4. The way they look into your eyes and smile, you’ll just know. They’ll try to make eye contact as much as possible.
  5. I will ask for your opinion and consider it and make an actual conversation. Continue from what you said without interrupting you to tell whatever is on their mind or how they disagree.
  6. When you talk or sit opposite of each other, they’ll lean in to listen or talk. That is the definition of interest. You can look into this body language in job interviews or any kind of news human interaction. If they lean in, you’ve got their attention and interest!

Final words:

I’m not absolutely right in what I said and everything is based on my own life, experience, and what I’ve learned in life. Also based on facts and psychology. They’ve proven to be right and working for me so I thought to share if for everyone to enjoy.

Remember to be humane and consider that people are different and mostly just very nervous. Give them time to a meltdown that ice, being kind to them helps it.

Now wish you happy love adventures and let me know how these points work out for you!

ps. if someone fools you, shame on them. Fool you once, shame on them. Fools you twice, shame on you! Cuz for a second time to be fooled you have to lie to yourself for their behalf to justify it all to yourself. Don’t ever do that. Appreciate yourself and know your worth.

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