Easter bunny started a new career


Ditey rates 4/5



Hello, darlings!
Doesn’t this just make you want to go ‘aaaw‘?
I have had this little bunny sitting beside the bed for a while and just admired it before taking it for a test run.

As you can see here, bottom lights up when it’s turned on and it has 9 dif colors that change every time you click to next mode. So adorable!

Got some powerful toys in the package here

This little rabbit wasn’t to be one of the powerful ones, BUT it has two motors: one in each ear. Now notice that cheaply made models have one motor in the main body only, which makes the ears vaguely vibrate as a result of “aftershock”. With this bad boy, you’re in the core of the pleasure.



I suppose I accidentally started listing pros and cons:

+ Two motors, one in both ears.
+ Design is absolutely gorgeous
+ ABS silicone
+ Rechargeable, magnetic!
+ Waterproof
+ I think it’d make a perfect gift

– It’s a bit costly and high end toy, I think it cost me about 40€
– Would appreciate third motor in main core so could use the tiny nose too, but it’s just my opinion.

I don’t have much of bad things to say about this. If you’ve read my prev. reviews, you know it has all the elements, that I love:

1 – high-quality material
2 – it’s rechargeable
3 –  magnetic recharge. -> waterproof!

Ladies, get it!
Guys, get it for yourself!
Get it for your partner!

This is something I don’t say often:
Get it for your daughters! This is one of the best toys as the first toy.

It’s so simple and elegant and it’ll introduce teens to themselves and their sexuality very normally as just support.
We already have sex education, this wouldn’t do any harm.


I’ll be skipping pro tips this time, since this pic here demonstrates pretty well down to detail how you can use this for example alone, as a woman or man, or together!

Loved how one older gentleman called lady toys: toys fit for princesses.
This one is absolutely fit for a princess!

Treat yourself, like a princess you are. 

I’m a bit high on caffeine today and will be posting three posts today! Oh boy, oh boy! So hold on to your panties, here comes the next one soon after this.

See you soon! 


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