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Hello, darlings!

It has been way too long. Hopefully, everyone’s year started with a bang. Yes, sexy kind of bang.
Well, thank you for asking, mine has started pretty well. Too well if I may say. Busy at work. The market place is coming along quite nicely. You’ll find it here.

This little beauty is something I carried with me back to Finland all the way from Germany from EroFame 2019.
HighOnLove booth was absolutely one of the most memorable ones, one simply must say. Graciously glamorous and so feminine. Pink, ostrich feathers, mirror surfaces, and rose gold details? Oh my! Now I have to inform you that most lubes are simply packed. Black or see-through bottles with a picture of whatever the flavor is in it. But this brand’s products are designed by a lady for fellow ladies and pretty much anyone with a taste for finer things.
For someone as visual as myself, this brand offers lots of pleasure and not just sexually. The bottles and displays were such a sight for sore eyes. I was literally so tired that had a blurry vision but everything sparkled up once I got to this booth. Should have taken pictures.

Now you’re thinking but why 1/5 after all the flattery? Allow me to explain:

Pros and cons:

+ The product bottle is simply gorgeous. Specially since I have a soft spot for rose gold. Tickles my fancy.
+ Meeting brand owner absolutely made a huge impact on me to hear directly from her vision and see how she had brought it to life. It’s not so simple so simply survive in this line of work.
+ Yet another soft spot for aphrodisiacs for women and this one works, ish. Which brings us to cons →

– You know what I don’t have soft spots for? Sticky lubes. And as video demonstrates, this one is one of sticky kind. Even after use it stays sticky, won’t absorb. Very mildly cooling and tickling sensation which fades pretty fast and leaves you with one big sticky mess. It gets everywhere. Pretty soon it’ll look like a guy left a huge load on you and left you to deal with the mess. I’m so not amused. Expected so so much more and was even willing to excuse stickiness. 

All in all:

What a messy experience. Couldn’t believe a drop of this stuff could make such a mess. Yes, I did add extra for the first testing time and it was very messy. One does not simply wipe this stuff off after sexy time. You need to shower and scrub it away. It’s a great lubricant tho, but terrible stimulating gel.

Gave it a try a second time with less of the product applied and the same kind of a mess. Bitless, but very much the same. Left a stain on the sheet too, thank you very much. So much for a sneaky quickie.

For the scale of how sticky tried to wipe as much of the product as I could by hand and see how it has kept its consistency after use and my god, my hand looked like an alien after birth. Spider web-like and just no… Not my cup of tea. So much mess for so little pleasure. 


Pro tips:

I would like to remind you that I’m a bit of a toy snob that happens after being able to choose from so many good products that I get the privilege to review and this product is simply not my kind of thing. So don’t just take my word blindly.
There is even fetish for goo and sticky lubes etc. Don’t look it up if it’s not your thing and just take my word for it, ok? Good.

  • Thank the package you could leave the product on your bedside or vanity table without a care in the world. Not only it doesn’t look like lube, but it also looks gorgeous and like a luxury brand serum.
  • A classy gift for a friend, but hopefully not that good friend since we know how the product performs. Maybe the don’t know any better? Or you hate them and gift them a Trojan horse.
  • Not so handy travel companion. Glass bottle is heavy, but not suspicious if you’re shy. It looks like luxury serum if security gets curious to go through your belongings.
  • Honestly, the price should be around 10€ for the product, but the bottle raises it to the point that it is. You’ll be able to purchase this product directly from their website here.

That was pretty much all for review.
See you at the new post pretty soon.


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