Happy 1st b-day!


Hello there!

It has been almost exactly a year since I started this blog and boy let me say it has been one hell of a ride!

Happy to see the difference between my first post (review here) and my latest post (review here) and how the way I write and everything else has changes. Ofc I’ve had to go back and fix them to have consistent blog posts.
If you’re new, you can’t possibly know this, but old readers know that I make the profile pics myself so you’ll se the difference in them too. Have been using some of my new creations as screen saver to admire my 5min craft for a bit longer.


2019 in nutshell:

  • Found some of my absolute fav new toys (view here).
  • Zapped the living shit out of myself trying Zeus wand.
  • Met my first sponsor,  MEO and lots more after that.
  • Started my company!
  • Started open relationship (still the same relationship than before tho).
  • Met whole new lvl of assholes due my Sugar daddy shenanigans and some more while Tindering.
  • Participated in Erofame2019!
  • Finally after 4 years finished taking antidepressants. 
  • Have met whole bunch of interesting people in this line of work. Very small world and it feels like a family that I’ve been searching for all along.
  • And have had a pleasure of traveling to Norway, Sweden, Germany, Estonia and Spain.

    All in all, very good year. 
    Happy blog birthday! Birthday Cake on WhatsApp

    Ps. now my fatass is craving cake. 

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