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Hello, darlings!

First of all sorry for ruining the little mermaid, it was one of my childhood favorites too. Used to sing under the sea all day long, especially while playing mermaid in the bathtub and splashing water everywhere. Did I mention also watched the little mermaid daily? My parents hid that VHS from me in the end. Yes, VHS. I’m that old.

First things first: Hankey’s toys look similar to Bad dragon but with more details and that’s the winning point for me. Why? Cuz you will feel every bump. Especially sea horse design has lots of the bumps and it feels amazing, as expected. 

I’ll tell you more about my personal experience after cons and pros so let us get to it:

Cons and pros:

+ 100% platinium silicone
+ Honestly it was hard deciding on product firmness and description was on point. Extra points for that.
+ Came in minimalistic package of being wrapped in see through plastic. PERFECT!
+ Wouldn’t say weapon for a kill but you could absolutely knock someone out with this thing.
+ Shake it in air for extra drama flair when arguing. It’ll win you an argument + both will burst in laughter and no harm will be done. Thnx to hankeys toys!
+ I love this color but for additional 30USD you can get custom color. YES PLEASE!
+ Hand made molds and handmade toys, expectedly with love?

– Unwrapped product needs a good wash at least few times after being unpackaged. It was sticky oily. I’d imagine it’s due being able to easily unmold it.
– Sadly dust etc sticks to it and one has to wash it before and after use. I’ll always wash my toys after use before putting them away but before use is just a deal breaker for me. But again cuz I have other options and boxes filled with toys. If this was one of my few toys that I own wouldn’t complain.

Not your average dildo so pay attention when washing it to get details cleaned too. It’s easy to miss when it’s wet but once it dries up it’ll look extra nasty.

How did it perform?

I chose med firm and size S yet this thing is gigantic! Don’t mistake my comment on its size for complain tho, no sir. I’ve been more than satisfies with this toy. So much that it made its way swimmingly to the list of my favorite toys. Just don’t know where to keep it so keep it where it comes to me naturally: on our coffee/ dining table. Cuz I use both tables for work and honestly, the size of this toy makes me giggle and we all need to laugh to keep our sanity sometimes, right?

The firmness of it is perfect and probably would go with the same firmness if and when trying other Hankey’s toys other designs. Seahorse just felt like my kind of design so much. I can’t explain how much I love this design even before ordering it. Not only cuz of the little mermaid, but cuz of having soft spot for sea creatures in general. It’s not an easy job to create something out of your fantasy world and combine it with a real-life elements and manage to combine them so well that both are recognizable. Sea horse itself is something between 1-3cm and this thing is 25cm. As an artist I just want to raise my hat to designer. Kudos!

One problem tho: I do love living minimalistic life + prefer small toys (mostly reach for bullets), but this is a gorgeous metallic color and gorgeous design all in all. It’s hard to store it cuz of its size. I’ll still keep it tho in my favorites collection for future science.

Pro tips:

  • Use loooooooooots of lube with this toy. It’s more of a matte side so it won’t forgive lack of lube at all.
  • Always, ALWAYS use water-based lube with silicone toys. Not all, but most silicone toys also endure oil-based lubricants.
  • Wouldn’t exactly say a great gift. If you’re in a kinky relationship or sexually open relationship. Not to grandma. Honestly, I might be a bit surprised too if someone got me this as a gift. 
  • For the love of god do not travel with this. For so many reasons. Just to list a few you most likely will be pulled aside for further investigation of this big chunk of thing and with big toys, it’s a bit of 50% – 50% if you get to keep it seeing the size and how it could seriously be used to hurt someone. Especially with wands or design metal dildo. Again here I am getting a vision of a plane being high jacked with a giant dildo…

This review is pretty much about to end and I’ll see you guys at the next review.

Hankey’s toys kindly sent Seahorse dildo for an honest review and honestly is what they got. You’ll be able to order this gorgeous piece from their website from here.

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